A few more things about me.

(omg, there is nothing on the ground and the bed is made, clean!)

I thought I would add to my about me section of my blog and tell y'all a little more about myself.

  1. I turn 25 next February and that excites me.
  2. Vacuuming is my least favorite chore, but the most rewarding.
  3. Sometimes my apartment is clean.
  4. I could live off pasta, especially baked penne with spicy sausage and spinach.
  5. I have an older brother, Erik, and a younger brother, Jahn.
  6. My parents cannot spell everyday cliche names correctly.
  7. I really like babies, a lot.
  8. I do not want to give birth before I am married.
  9. My boyfriend does not want to get married anytime soon, at all.
  10. I really love learning and I go to a private fine art school for printmaking.
  11. I like Gin.
  12. I do not drive, ever, because I never got my license.
  13. I always wanted a sister.
  14. I have the best secret keepers ever.
  15. My favorite color is purple.
  16. I have pagan beliefs.
  17. I have the worse time mailing things.
  18. I live downtown Portland, OR. In the very heart of the city that I love.
  19. You're favorite Portland shops, restaurants and parks are within walking distance.
  20. I curse a lot, I blame this on my mother who was raised by a sailor.
  21. I eat store bought chocolate frosting by the spoon full.
  22. I miss having a boyfriend who lived in my state.
  23. I love to bake, cook, and share recipes.
  24. I can name off way too many star wars ships.
  25. If I wasnt allergic to cats, I would have adopted one last week.
Now leave a comment and share a little about yourself!

1 comment:

Holly Knitlightly said...

Oh I could totally live off pasta too. mmmmmmmm.
I like that your parents don't spell names the regular ways! It's more unique.
& I love gin too. Mmm. Gin & 7-up is so good.
Mind if I come visit you in Portland? I want to go there SO badly.