happy thanksgiving, good bye, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I will be eating dinner at my parents and then going to Brandons parents!!! Because he is coming home from school tomorrow! I feel like I just saw him last week, but its been a couple and I am so excited! Ignore the morning hair shot of me below, focus on the shirt.

Saturday I'm going with Brandon back up to his school to meet all his new friends and experience a part of his new life! I can't wait.... well I could wait for the dorm part... with a bathroom down the hall and the showers are upstairs. ugh.

Here are some other recent photobooth goodness:
I've had Hollys ring for months, this is proof to her I did not lose it. ha. Also I was having a good hair day.
I reached into my coat pockets today to find change and shrinky dink bunnys in one pocket and some change and heart buttons in the other. it was magical.
Today I got another postcard in the mail from brandon! This time a vintage postcard from Spokane. Apparently he found this sucker online and got it for me. I love it!

It's going to be really cold in Cheney and I stocked up on socks and under garments. My cousins letting me borrow her snow pants and I need to get snow gloves. I cannot wait to play in the snow with brandon! Im hoping we get to go sledding or ice skating. There will be pictures posted when I get back.