things i like today, embarassing poeple.

In this case him and myself. After 6 weeks of not seeing B, he came home exhausted from the 8 hour long car ride. As he rested in my bed, i pretended to pinch his butt in photobooth.

Some parts of this weekend were amazing. Like seeing someone you love so much, hugging so tight you cant breathe. Then... then there are those parts that I could have done without, like I tried really hard to make him feel special and he... didnt. ouch. hello hurt feelings. I feel incredibly dumb for thinking that things would change. Every time he tells me he'll do something, I believe him, I wait and wait and... I always feel so dumb when I realize it wont happen. Also my feelings were hurt when he didnt want to be my partner when we played Taboo with his family.

Ok, enough of debbie downer. I have projects due every day this week. Big projects. I am not sure how it is all going to get done. I probably will not be blogging much, see you next week!