things i like today, mom days

I made this book in my letterpress class, i'll show better pictures when i get it back.

My moms taking me grocery shopping today. I need to stock up for winter. I loooove lazy days at my parents house. One is much needed since I dont think I have had one in a month. I a hoping to figure out how to get my camera to hook up to my computer today. because I have pictures!!!! ugh!

I also bought my holiday "tree" yesterday, its really a rosemary potted plant in the shape of a tree, its perfectly small and smells so good! but i will miss that pine tree smell and might have to buy a scented candle.

on another smelly note, something in my fridge smells like death. i cant figure it out. i'll be deep cleaning that sucker tonight!

EDIT: my mom bought a giant package of toilet paper, she she could give me four rolls, my mom bought me a soda because i said i was thirsty, my mom took me to 3 different stores, my mom rocks.

My dad is pretty awesome too. i treated him to sushi, where we ate our hearts out and he fell in love with spider rolls.