2010, the good the bad and the ugly.

I had the pleasure of going to Mary Kate and Aaron's wedding in January.

In February I turned 24 years old and literally couldn't sleep for weeks.

I made fun of myself. A lot.
I was really anxious to say goodbye, forever. I failed.

My baby cousin Natalie graduated highschool, I took out my nose ring, and I got back together with Brandon.

I learned how to make no bake cheesecake, I enjoyed hot summer nights and I had the case of the Mondays, a lot.

I got mad a lot, I got flowers once, I visited the best cousins a girl could ever have, I love my secret keepers. I said good bye to a boyfriend, I felt like I didnt even have.

I was taken to the zoo and I learned letterpress!

I bought an iMac and learned the wonders of Skype. I also was hit by a truck walking across Burnside.

I visited one of the prettiest places I've ever been, I slept in an all male dorm room for 3 nights, I started to learn sign language and I rode a train for the first time.

I doubted everything. I spent Christmas day alone. I decided I was worth far more and I needed a clean start.

Hello up & downs. This last year got me no where further in life. Same job, same school, same apartment, same hurtful feelings inside. Dramatic much? Yes. I'm female. 2011, I hope you bring me great things.


2010, year of the sick.

2010 was the year of sinus infections and the common cold. Hello sudafed/flonase induced commas, you are not best friends with productivity.

2011 please bring me good health. I promise to thank you, with lollipops.


things i make, good grades!

2 A's, A- and B+!!! Boooyah! Take that college! I am super excited to see that hard work pay off so I baked chocolate chip cookies. You know crisco's chocolate chip cookies turn out picture perfect every time! you dont like crisco? I dont like you. kidding.

things i like today, sunshine

(oh Polaroid 669 film, I miss you too)

I miss summer. Did I have a summer? I mean, I must have. Its now winter. WINTER. When the hell did winter start?! Maybe its seasonal depression or the lack of the warmth a good emotional and physical relationship gives you but I miss sunshine coming through my open windows, walking downtown to the beat of my own drum, taking a book to the farmers market, watching children ride their bikes at the water front, gelato. September/October 2009 I was in my own world. I did what I wanted when I wanted. Life changing events took place, for the better and worse.

I remember all spring wanting that familiar life of sunshine in Portland, sweet sticky skin, dresses and friends. Romance. I used to have romance in my life. Now, right now, I have a cold breakfast burrito and a half gone cup of coffee. And so my mind wanders. If i cant see outside, I imagine its July, the sun is too bright to keep the blinds open, beach blown hair, hot hand rails. Happiness for 3 seconds.


things i make, introducing Ruth

No, I am not pregnant with a baby named Ruth and ok, i didnt make the press... but I mixed that lovely green ink! Ruth is a vandercook letterpress. She is just lovely and a pleasure to work with. Maybe one day I'll take a video of her and her goodness. But for now, you will have to deal with this camera phone image. I am going to miss letterpress so much next semester. I hope advanced screen printing is just as fun! I love being a printmaking major!


things I like today, Ezra Koenig

Ezra Koenig, I'd like to hold hands with you. You make my girl parts excited.

He's from Vampire Weekend, I have to admit, I am not 'into' music. I do not follow bands, I dont go to shows, I dont buy albums. But I see this guy and my heart melts. SO CUTE.

debbie downer

Or Deborah Downer, because I am so mature and classy. . . . Back to real life, I have a sinus infection. I don't usually have sinus problems but more recently I have been not feeling to great, liquid in the ears, running nose, sinus pressure, eye pressure. All the glorious pains that come with being sick. I would like to blame this on something, like its happened the last two times I cleaned Mickeys house, but why would that make me sick like this? Is Mickey making me sick? I don't think so. (oh, so let me explain I needed extra money and my friend needed a house keeper, win win!)

Christmas alone. . . . was well depressing. Brandon called me once during the whole day. I explained to him I had no plans, and well it really was depressing, I cried, he didnt even notice. He then explained how he was going skiing and having fun. So awesome, thanks for calling me to rub in that you wouldn't be spending Christmas with me and that you are having a blast without me. Made me feel great. Breaking up over the holidays are the worse. I did do laundry at my parents. I accomplished something.

Today my dads bringing over the dresser he bought me for Christmas, I am excited to reorganize my closet and have a functioning system instead of a black hole. I also wanted to bake something with my new pans but i think I'll wait until after I'm not sick.

oh and theres no pictures because I had nothing to take pictures of. I'll try to do a present round up or something soon.


oh hello christmas, alone, again.

We are on thin ice. Not because we want to be. I think we both wish everything was easy. I wouldnt get mad when he ditches me and our plans 3 days in a row on the only weekend I'll get to see him and I wish he didnt ditch me and our plans 3 days in a row.

My solution? Hello giant bottle of strawberry abormist, I really needed to take a bath in all of my clothes and drown all of my miseries away.

After not being together last christmas, this christmas was supposed to be so special. and it is not. He wont be here, he decided not to stay with me for christmas or see me for his birthday. this morning he left, said he didnt know if he would be home before spring break. thats three months people. also, he doesnt even think that we wont have the same spring break, i go to private school, he goes to state school.

so here i am. tomorrow, christmas eve, i'll be cleaning a friends house because i need the money. i wont be his arms, badly singing carols, we wont go to peacock lane, no us together. this is not the beginning of something great like i wish it was.


i love country music

"It's not that I hate country... I hate that you like country."


Things I make: Theory & Practice: Art in Context

I thought I would share some work I did in my theory and practice class. We would discuss a topic, read art theory, further discuss and make a piece based on what we learned (or what we were suppose to learn).

This first piece was for our 'text' assignment. Using text we had to complete a piece in two weeks. I cut out the lines from an vintage encyclopedia page and placed them into a vintage glass jar to preserve the information that was being held. I was really interested that in keeping the information 'safe' from damage it rendered the information useless.
I Am More Important, But I Need You.
Cut paper, glass bottle, wood

For our second project we had to appropriate a piece of work. I chose work with Rauschenberg's Catbird VI. Originally a very messy trompe-l'oeil mechanical print, I decided to clean up his act, and hand print on neat and tidy cardboard. The images remain the same while the overall piece changed.

Cardboard, ink

This project was done after I was hit by a truck and on tons of muscle relaxers, I really liked my piece, dont get me wrong, it just wasnt as good as it could have been. We were assigned to work with the idea of a collection. I photographed personal collections, cataloging them. Elevating the individual items importance.
Silver Gelatin Prints

As part of the class we had to do a group assignment. Stacie and I created a memory map of the west coast, myself from washington and her from southern California. This has so much more potential than it was given.
Canvas, paper, thread, ink

For our last assignment we were to deconstruct something. This was a huge task until the teacher explained we had been deconstructing things all term. I chose a book that my father owned. Each wood panel is screen printed with imagery that reflects the book while having a conversation about my father.
My Favorite Book My Father Owns,
Wood, ink

I had a great semester and learned so much from this class, I am very excited to take the second term next semester. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little sliver of what I do!

I have to turn in my photo assignment Monday and break starts! By break I mean working full time at my graphic design job and the occasional house cleaning job.


S'mores for breakfast.

dear thighs,

Im so happy you two want to cuddle all day long. I dont mean to come between you two, but I'd like you to grow apart. I am going to start being conscious about what I put into my pie hole starting tomorrow, but for today, I am still eating s'mores for breakfast.

love, Rachael

(in all seriousness, in the last couple of months ive eaten garbage all the time, deep fried, chocolate covered, baked goods and processed food and I have been so happy to do so. I'm not worried about an extra 5 pounds, I am worried because that 5 lbs turned into 15 and theres no way im letting it turn into 20.)


Kates Lovely Crafts

I just wanted to give a shout out to a friends awesome Etsy shop! She created these super cute crayons, I just LOVE the teeth, so funny! They would be a perfect gift for any child in your life. She also makes bracelets, coasters and magnets!

visit her shop here and her blog here.


Things I like today, West Elm


I walk pass West Elm to go to school, which means I walk pass it when walking home from school. I just cant resist the lush textiles, the adorable home accessories and the kitchenware. I snagged up these plates today, they are currently 20% off and so cute!


Let me introduce

My Dad.
His names Douglas, we prefer to all him papa.
He has tattoos.
He hasnt had a haircut since my parents wedding 25 years ago.
He likes all things manly, harleys, bbq, power tools, building things.
He's also amazing at gardening and growing flowers.
He's my favorite sushi buddy because he's so adventurous.
He used to take my brothers and I fishing.
In elementary school he took me out in the VW van to do cookies in a snow filled parking lot.
He cried when he watched the movies Up and Jack.
He passed down his real long tongue to me.
He's always there to tell me that boy wasnt good enough for me, during breaks ups.
He was in FFA, first place in bunnies.
His love and knowledge of music is inspiring.
He dances a crazy hippie dance.
He loves my mom and us kids unconditionally.
He volunteers his time to help others, often.
He's always willing to get you out of a sticky situation.
His stories are more like rambles that always end with lewis and clark.
He's super hilarious.
He loves holding babies and wrestling kids.
He'll be an amazing grandpapa one day.
He gave me permission to play the lime and the coconut at his funeral(i really need to record him singing it).

Papa I love you.

things i like today, leptitpapillon


I saw this clouds on etsy's homepage. SUPER CUTE.


November Vacation

Im teaching myself how to use imovie! These photos are from my trip north with Brandon!


things i like today, le love


Wish List part 1

Dear December

You snuck up on me like a heart attack.
I can't wait to finish this semester.
I want to buy You've Got Mail on Dvd.
I will bake more cheesecakes than my heart desires.
I want it to snow on the west side of the mountains.
I will make a picture wish list.
I will drink hot cocoa with marshmellow cream.
I can't wait for Brandon to come home.
I want family time.
I will photograph the heck out of you.
I will write Grandpa a letter, and not just send a postcard.
I will make my holiday cards.
I can't wait for the new year!



Here is one of the shots from Brandon's families second home, aka The Flying H Ranch. I'll be back with more later, for now I need to shower. I smell of train.