2010, the good the bad and the ugly.

I had the pleasure of going to Mary Kate and Aaron's wedding in January.

In February I turned 24 years old and literally couldn't sleep for weeks.

I made fun of myself. A lot.
I was really anxious to say goodbye, forever. I failed.

My baby cousin Natalie graduated highschool, I took out my nose ring, and I got back together with Brandon.

I learned how to make no bake cheesecake, I enjoyed hot summer nights and I had the case of the Mondays, a lot.

I got mad a lot, I got flowers once, I visited the best cousins a girl could ever have, I love my secret keepers. I said good bye to a boyfriend, I felt like I didnt even have.

I was taken to the zoo and I learned letterpress!

I bought an iMac and learned the wonders of Skype. I also was hit by a truck walking across Burnside.

I visited one of the prettiest places I've ever been, I slept in an all male dorm room for 3 nights, I started to learn sign language and I rode a train for the first time.

I doubted everything. I spent Christmas day alone. I decided I was worth far more and I needed a clean start.

Hello up & downs. This last year got me no where further in life. Same job, same school, same apartment, same hurtful feelings inside. Dramatic much? Yes. I'm female. 2011, I hope you bring me great things.