debbie downer

Or Deborah Downer, because I am so mature and classy. . . . Back to real life, I have a sinus infection. I don't usually have sinus problems but more recently I have been not feeling to great, liquid in the ears, running nose, sinus pressure, eye pressure. All the glorious pains that come with being sick. I would like to blame this on something, like its happened the last two times I cleaned Mickeys house, but why would that make me sick like this? Is Mickey making me sick? I don't think so. (oh, so let me explain I needed extra money and my friend needed a house keeper, win win!)

Christmas alone. . . . was well depressing. Brandon called me once during the whole day. I explained to him I had no plans, and well it really was depressing, I cried, he didnt even notice. He then explained how he was going skiing and having fun. So awesome, thanks for calling me to rub in that you wouldn't be spending Christmas with me and that you are having a blast without me. Made me feel great. Breaking up over the holidays are the worse. I did do laundry at my parents. I accomplished something.

Today my dads bringing over the dresser he bought me for Christmas, I am excited to reorganize my closet and have a functioning system instead of a black hole. I also wanted to bake something with my new pans but i think I'll wait until after I'm not sick.

oh and theres no pictures because I had nothing to take pictures of. I'll try to do a present round up or something soon.


Anonymous said...

i wouldve spent christmas with you =[

rachael said...

I know you would have cat! <3