S'mores for breakfast.

dear thighs,

Im so happy you two want to cuddle all day long. I dont mean to come between you two, but I'd like you to grow apart. I am going to start being conscious about what I put into my pie hole starting tomorrow, but for today, I am still eating s'mores for breakfast.

love, Rachael

(in all seriousness, in the last couple of months ive eaten garbage all the time, deep fried, chocolate covered, baked goods and processed food and I have been so happy to do so. I'm not worried about an extra 5 pounds, I am worried because that 5 lbs turned into 15 and theres no way im letting it turn into 20.)


Emma said...

I hear you sister! I'm in the same boat. And between me and you I ate chocolate chip cookies and creamed Chai for breakfast. hehe, no one knows but my dog. :)

thelayeredpancake said...

hahahah so funny. i know exactly what you mean. i am definitely stocking up for winter...ugh.