Things I make: Theory & Practice: Art in Context

I thought I would share some work I did in my theory and practice class. We would discuss a topic, read art theory, further discuss and make a piece based on what we learned (or what we were suppose to learn).

This first piece was for our 'text' assignment. Using text we had to complete a piece in two weeks. I cut out the lines from an vintage encyclopedia page and placed them into a vintage glass jar to preserve the information that was being held. I was really interested that in keeping the information 'safe' from damage it rendered the information useless.
I Am More Important, But I Need You.
Cut paper, glass bottle, wood

For our second project we had to appropriate a piece of work. I chose work with Rauschenberg's Catbird VI. Originally a very messy trompe-l'oeil mechanical print, I decided to clean up his act, and hand print on neat and tidy cardboard. The images remain the same while the overall piece changed.

Cardboard, ink

This project was done after I was hit by a truck and on tons of muscle relaxers, I really liked my piece, dont get me wrong, it just wasnt as good as it could have been. We were assigned to work with the idea of a collection. I photographed personal collections, cataloging them. Elevating the individual items importance.
Silver Gelatin Prints

As part of the class we had to do a group assignment. Stacie and I created a memory map of the west coast, myself from washington and her from southern California. This has so much more potential than it was given.
Canvas, paper, thread, ink

For our last assignment we were to deconstruct something. This was a huge task until the teacher explained we had been deconstructing things all term. I chose a book that my father owned. Each wood panel is screen printed with imagery that reflects the book while having a conversation about my father.
My Favorite Book My Father Owns,
Wood, ink

I had a great semester and learned so much from this class, I am very excited to take the second term next semester. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little sliver of what I do!

I have to turn in my photo assignment Monday and break starts! By break I mean working full time at my graphic design job and the occasional house cleaning job.