Use me!

okay, please dont.

But seriously, what is it about me that screams to the high heavens 'use me, abuse me, i like it, a lot'

Is it that I'm too nice? Too accommodating? I want you to like me? I can't say no? I have a generally good heart and I want to help you?

I'm kind of sick of it.
No, you cant borrow anything of mine. 'cause when I asked, you said no. No, I will not do that for you, its obvious you have the time to do it for yourself. get off your fat ass. No, I'm not the kind of girl that does that. date a ho. btw, favors are meant to be returned. that was not related to the previous sentence.

I know, some of you, some of you that know me, think this is absurd because you know how not friendly I really can be. But seriously society, stop taking advantage of your people pleasers.


things i like today, i dont need you

Milo Jones "I Want You, But I Don't Need You"

Im posting too much music lately, i know, its very unlike me and none of its even good. bare with me people, i'll get over this soon. Its probably just 'cause i lost my ipod.


I found a pearl in an oyster

No, that is not an analogy for finding something good in something not so good. I actually found a pearl in an oyster I was eating. It was so exciting I put my food down, spit the pearl out, and ran to each of my parents as if i had lost a tooth. BTW, my mom makes the best fried cracker crusted oysters ever.

This weekend was.... interesting... to put it nicely. Saturday I woke up to sunshine, as seen in the above picture, I was a little excited. That excitement also had to do with a little date I had later that night. Unfortunately.... I was the only one excited about the date. I mean, idk, maybe he was too? We saw My Dog Tulip at the PAM. It was hilarious and inappropriate. But I could tell by his body language, he wasn't into me. Brrrr I'm cold. He did not wrap his arm around me. We went and got coffee, he did not get any. I asked if he wanted to adventure, he said no. Hah.

This cracks me up though. Like I knew he doesn't really 'date' and to be honest, I liked that. I knew it was going to be a little awkward at times, but that's cool. He's super nice, genuine, a freaking elementary school teacher (thats sexy), down to earth and only 24 ( need more good influences in my life.) I am overly impressed that he didnt put moves on me even though he didnt feel a connection, most men will use you anyway. A handshake, god forbid hug, goodbye would have been nice though. It's kind of rude to dash out the door.

Sunday was spent at my parents doing laundry, as most sundays are. We watched football, go Packers!, we eat a lot of junk food, did a little grocery shopping and I spent sunday night with a friend, watching a hilarious movie.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Anyone have any netflix suggestions? Im thinking I might jsut cancel it and save the $10 a month (aka $120 a year).


Darrelle London

I figured out how to embed the Darrelle London video! This is just adorable. I really really want her hair and sweater.

Some video love

This will never get old.

And I couldnt find a embeddable video for Darrelle London's new video, so heres a link. I love her hair and I now need a red sweater. SO CUTE.


The best kind of busy!

My cousin Natalie recently moved back down from Seattle. She's hilarious and gorgeous, I love spending time with her! We went to an early dinner sushi, thanks dad!, a later dinner at Henrys, walk around town, goofed on photobooth(as seen below), watched a scary movie and then slept in until noon. Wow, 18 year olds tire me out. Way to make me feel old.

And at the end of the day, I took a nap on the couch with Blaze. My parents are housing Natalies dog until she gets on her feet, or until they keep him forever. Which ever comes first. He's a total sweet heart and the highest jumping dog I have ever seen.

If this weekend wasn't busy enough, I start school tomorrow! In 10? hours! I am excited to start the semester! I think I am really going to like my classes, and miss letterpress. I will try to post more of my school projects/assignments/artcrap as the semester advances, I know I am not very good at this!

So... 15 credits, 16 hours of work here I come, like a tornado! Currently a sleepy going to bed super early tornado, but 8am class, I will come roaring!


In my office.

Just a couple of princesses, hanging out in the office today.
Excuse the dead stare in my eyes.


things i like today, being awesome

Oh you didnt know? I'm awesome. I know this is a solid fact because e-mails swarmed around the office today stating such. Not only from my department, but from the second highest up person in all of our region. What? you dont get those emails? Well thats because you are not me.

It feels so good to be recognized for my hard work. I really needed this boost. I've been grinning from ear to ear all day. If I had a boyfriend, he'd be taking me out tonight. But even better, I have the loveliest girlfriends and I already had plans to host dinner tonight. As if I knew I had something to celebrate!

Wahoo! Go me!

Ok. enough gloating. I'll shut up already.


things i like today, Bec + Sam


I really loved everything about this little real wedding. Simply romantic, soft and lovely.

Remember to



things i like today, sunday morning plans

Noelle+breakfast+letterpress studio=complete and udder happiness.

Makes me like math even.


things i like today, libbie schrader

I chose this exact video because my parents were there! They bough the cd and gave it to me. This song really spoke to me.

"But I wish you were the woman
I wish I was the man
When a man loves a woman like I love you
He’ll get her in the end
I get so tired of waiting
It’s so hard to be your friend
I wish you were the woman
A woman’s heart can bend"


its just like being an excited child!

I just noticed, the only wisdom tooth I didnt have removed, JUST SURFACED. It was incredibly exciting, I even stuck my finger to feel it. This then grossed me out because I've been typing all day at work and I know this keyboard is not clean and I havent washed my hands since this morning when I used the restroom. (tmi, i know).

Since I work with my mom, I was able to run up to her and show it off. My old dentist, whom I hate, removed my other 3 wisdom teeth. Pretty sure he did it because hes a greedy old man and he just wanted the money. I have quite large gaps where my wisdom teeth should have been and I am thankful my bottom right one wouldnt numb and got to stay in.


things i make, homemade pizza!

Whole foods sells a ball of ready to cook pizza dough for $2.99. YUMMY. For under $5 I had a home made pizza! It was super yummy and I am assuming all organic, sense I bought it at whole foods, right? Ignore the totally gross pan, I did get new ones for christmas, but this one is square which is more pizza shaped. Or maybe thats a total excuse.


50 unfortunate facts about me.

When I was in a 'discussion' with a certain someone, he mentioned that he reads my blog and that he feels like its not me. I do not know what this means. But in response to that, I thought I would share some unfortunate facts with you.

1. I cuss, a lot. Shit. Fuck.
2. I think its funny when I fart, I do not appreciate yours.
3. I have anxiety/panic attacks, maybe 2 times a year?
4. I complain, a lot.
5. Im crude.
6. Im lewd.
7. I think nothings is sexier than a hairy man.
8. I have bad skin. Hello adult acne.
9. Im bad at taking daily prescriptions. Its ok, I practice other methods of safe sex.
10. I dont think sex=love.
11. I get overly excited about mundane things.
12. I can blow things way out of proportion.
13. I can speak in a demeaning voice and not know it.
14. Sometimes Im pretentious.
15. I hate when guys dont groom themselves, i.e. beards and hair cuts
16. I take at least an hour to get ready.
17. I have low self esteem and I crave compliments from bf's.
18. I need assurance and reassurance.
19. My family is not perfect, not in the least bit.
20. I love unconditionally, to a fault.
21. Im not the best at keeping long term friends.
22. I tell Holly everything. But shes the best secret keeper.
23. Im not outdoorsy adventurous.
24. I always think Im fat.
25. Im always telling you I think Im fat.
26. I dont like getting into swim suits, so I hate pools.
27. I have a hard time letting go.
28. Im overly sentimental.
29. I expect love notes and public displays of affection.
30. I kiss way to much.
31. I forget blogger has automatic numbering.
32. I hate Will Ferrel.
33. I love really bad tv(real housewives) and romantic comedies(youvegotmail).
34. I dont appreciate music.
35. Im a princess, I will remind you.
36. I dont have sex with the lights on.
37. I talk/make jokes about sex way too much.
38. I have friends that are guys. that probably only talk to me to try to get into my pants.
39. I get grossed out by your mess. Its ok if its mine.
40. I have an addictive personality. Ive never done hard drugs.
41. One time I was pressured to eat a pot cookie. I didnt even get high off it.
42. I dont always follow through.
43. I like to celebrate everything. Its tuesday? AWESOME. Lets bake a cake.
44. I might fall in love with your mother. Bff's.
45. Im going to school to learn, not to have a career.
46. I have my wedding planned. youre invited.
47. I cant help but name my future children.
48. I want to benefit from you.
49. I want to be your everything.
50. I can think of 49 unfortunate facts about myself.

FYI, I think I am awesome and very lovable. I think you do too, or you wouldnt read my blog. Unless you love to hate me. In this case, you probably loved this post.

im single

notice this is not a 'things i like today' post.

i do not like this. it was his decision. ive been sick to my stomach for two days.

i never wanted to break up, i only wanted our asses to get into gear.

so ladies, any words of wisdom, advice, funny jokes??? I could totally use a funny joke right now. And a gallon of rocky road ice cream. and a hug. and some kleenex.