The best kind of busy!

My cousin Natalie recently moved back down from Seattle. She's hilarious and gorgeous, I love spending time with her! We went to an early dinner sushi, thanks dad!, a later dinner at Henrys, walk around town, goofed on photobooth(as seen below), watched a scary movie and then slept in until noon. Wow, 18 year olds tire me out. Way to make me feel old.

And at the end of the day, I took a nap on the couch with Blaze. My parents are housing Natalies dog until she gets on her feet, or until they keep him forever. Which ever comes first. He's a total sweet heart and the highest jumping dog I have ever seen.

If this weekend wasn't busy enough, I start school tomorrow! In 10? hours! I am excited to start the semester! I think I am really going to like my classes, and miss letterpress. I will try to post more of my school projects/assignments/artcrap as the semester advances, I know I am not very good at this!

So... 15 credits, 16 hours of work here I come, like a tornado! Currently a sleepy going to bed super early tornado, but 8am class, I will come roaring!

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Casee Marie said...

Aww, you're both adorable! And so is the doggy. I'm watching my sister's dog for the month, she's a three year-old mixed breed (husky, pitbull and black lab - that I know of) and so sweet. I think she's part kangaroo, too, because she jumps ridiculously high.

Good luck with heading back to school! xo