I found a pearl in an oyster

No, that is not an analogy for finding something good in something not so good. I actually found a pearl in an oyster I was eating. It was so exciting I put my food down, spit the pearl out, and ran to each of my parents as if i had lost a tooth. BTW, my mom makes the best fried cracker crusted oysters ever.

This weekend was.... interesting... to put it nicely. Saturday I woke up to sunshine, as seen in the above picture, I was a little excited. That excitement also had to do with a little date I had later that night. Unfortunately.... I was the only one excited about the date. I mean, idk, maybe he was too? We saw My Dog Tulip at the PAM. It was hilarious and inappropriate. But I could tell by his body language, he wasn't into me. Brrrr I'm cold. He did not wrap his arm around me. We went and got coffee, he did not get any. I asked if he wanted to adventure, he said no. Hah.

This cracks me up though. Like I knew he doesn't really 'date' and to be honest, I liked that. I knew it was going to be a little awkward at times, but that's cool. He's super nice, genuine, a freaking elementary school teacher (thats sexy), down to earth and only 24 ( need more good influences in my life.) I am overly impressed that he didnt put moves on me even though he didnt feel a connection, most men will use you anyway. A handshake, god forbid hug, goodbye would have been nice though. It's kind of rude to dash out the door.

Sunday was spent at my parents doing laundry, as most sundays are. We watched football, go Packers!, we eat a lot of junk food, did a little grocery shopping and I spent sunday night with a friend, watching a hilarious movie.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Anyone have any netflix suggestions? Im thinking I might jsut cancel it and save the $10 a month (aka $120 a year).

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Mandi @ make it dear said...

lol, your date description cracks me up a little. congrats on the pearl find though!