im single

notice this is not a 'things i like today' post.

i do not like this. it was his decision. ive been sick to my stomach for two days.

i never wanted to break up, i only wanted our asses to get into gear.

so ladies, any words of wisdom, advice, funny jokes??? I could totally use a funny joke right now. And a gallon of rocky road ice cream. and a hug. and some kleenex.


Kayla said...

I wish you were a shin so I could bang you on my coffee table.

Aaand that's the only funny thing I know.

O. said...

oh dear... i have some icecream in the freezer

rachael said...

Kayla, that was awesome. I smiled, and thats a lot.

I wish i had ice cream in MY freezer.

Becky Farley said...

awww I'm sorry!
I've been dumped before and you know what I found someone better ;)
you will too! but eat that icecream it WILL help!

rachael said...

Thanks Becky! I hope that I find someone who can see how AWESOME i am. im only confident because im hiding the fact i feel like crap. i guess im not hiding it well.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Aw Rachael I'm so sorry... I want to give you a giant hug.

Here are some cute & funny photos that will hopefully put a smile on your face:

If you wanna talk or vent or anything, please send me an e-mail!! hollcrawford@gmail.com