50 unfortunate facts about me.

When I was in a 'discussion' with a certain someone, he mentioned that he reads my blog and that he feels like its not me. I do not know what this means. But in response to that, I thought I would share some unfortunate facts with you.

1. I cuss, a lot. Shit. Fuck.
2. I think its funny when I fart, I do not appreciate yours.
3. I have anxiety/panic attacks, maybe 2 times a year?
4. I complain, a lot.
5. Im crude.
6. Im lewd.
7. I think nothings is sexier than a hairy man.
8. I have bad skin. Hello adult acne.
9. Im bad at taking daily prescriptions. Its ok, I practice other methods of safe sex.
10. I dont think sex=love.
11. I get overly excited about mundane things.
12. I can blow things way out of proportion.
13. I can speak in a demeaning voice and not know it.
14. Sometimes Im pretentious.
15. I hate when guys dont groom themselves, i.e. beards and hair cuts
16. I take at least an hour to get ready.
17. I have low self esteem and I crave compliments from bf's.
18. I need assurance and reassurance.
19. My family is not perfect, not in the least bit.
20. I love unconditionally, to a fault.
21. Im not the best at keeping long term friends.
22. I tell Holly everything. But shes the best secret keeper.
23. Im not outdoorsy adventurous.
24. I always think Im fat.
25. Im always telling you I think Im fat.
26. I dont like getting into swim suits, so I hate pools.
27. I have a hard time letting go.
28. Im overly sentimental.
29. I expect love notes and public displays of affection.
30. I kiss way to much.
31. I forget blogger has automatic numbering.
32. I hate Will Ferrel.
33. I love really bad tv(real housewives) and romantic comedies(youvegotmail).
34. I dont appreciate music.
35. Im a princess, I will remind you.
36. I dont have sex with the lights on.
37. I talk/make jokes about sex way too much.
38. I have friends that are guys. that probably only talk to me to try to get into my pants.
39. I get grossed out by your mess. Its ok if its mine.
40. I have an addictive personality. Ive never done hard drugs.
41. One time I was pressured to eat a pot cookie. I didnt even get high off it.
42. I dont always follow through.
43. I like to celebrate everything. Its tuesday? AWESOME. Lets bake a cake.
44. I might fall in love with your mother. Bff's.
45. Im going to school to learn, not to have a career.
46. I have my wedding planned. youre invited.
47. I cant help but name my future children.
48. I want to benefit from you.
49. I want to be your everything.
50. I can think of 49 unfortunate facts about myself.

FYI, I think I am awesome and very lovable. I think you do too, or you wouldnt read my blog. Unless you love to hate me. In this case, you probably loved this post.


Chelsey said...

Oh rochelle. These aren't unfortunate, they are the main reason why I like you!

Kayla said...

Hi. I liked this post. Maybe knowing your imperfections makes me feel better about having my own? WHO KNOWS. Either way, I tried looking you up on Facebook but it turns out there are lots of Rachael Henleys and I got overwhelmed. So now it's your turn. http://www.facebook.com/kaylalene

rachael said...

Oh Chelsey, i like you too!

Kayla, I found ya!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Haha I really enjoyed this fo rsome reason. I too have panic/anxiety attacks.. blah. I've had them for years, but I didn't know what they were until a few years ago. (And by having them for years, I mean I can remember having them since I was at least 7... blaaaaaah.) And I totally blow things out of proportion too. But oh well! Haha. I love that you have your wedding planned out & that you like to celebrate everything!