things i like today, being awesome

Oh you didnt know? I'm awesome. I know this is a solid fact because e-mails swarmed around the office today stating such. Not only from my department, but from the second highest up person in all of our region. What? you dont get those emails? Well thats because you are not me.

It feels so good to be recognized for my hard work. I really needed this boost. I've been grinning from ear to ear all day. If I had a boyfriend, he'd be taking me out tonight. But even better, I have the loveliest girlfriends and I already had plans to host dinner tonight. As if I knew I had something to celebrate!

Wahoo! Go me!

Ok. enough gloating. I'll shut up already.


Kayla said...

I'm happy that everyone thinks you're awesome!

rachael said...

Thanks Kayla!