Use me!

okay, please dont.

But seriously, what is it about me that screams to the high heavens 'use me, abuse me, i like it, a lot'

Is it that I'm too nice? Too accommodating? I want you to like me? I can't say no? I have a generally good heart and I want to help you?

I'm kind of sick of it.
No, you cant borrow anything of mine. 'cause when I asked, you said no. No, I will not do that for you, its obvious you have the time to do it for yourself. get off your fat ass. No, I'm not the kind of girl that does that. date a ho. btw, favors are meant to be returned. that was not related to the previous sentence.

I know, some of you, some of you that know me, think this is absurd because you know how not friendly I really can be. But seriously society, stop taking advantage of your people pleasers.

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Katie said...

I told Blaine and I'm tired of being Ms. Nice Girl around our apartment. We are the considerate people that are quite, listen to our music and movies at a respectable level and don't hog the good parking spots. Our neighbors above and below us are loud at all hours of the day and night, smoke right under our kitchen/living room windows and listen to music/movies really loud with the surround sound. Other people park like jackbutts, super close to our cars and ALWAYS park in the good spots. So when it's midnight and we are building an entertainment center I don't feel bad. Or when we want to watch a movie or listen to music loudly while we clean I'm gonna do it. If I want to hog the good parking spots and not move my car for a few days I'm gonna do it. I'm also tired of being the nice one and getting the crap end of the stick.

Enjoy this beautiful day!! :)