Dear February

(I was named after this sailor, aka Uncle Michael)

I'm really excited about my birthday.
I'm a little less excited about turning 25.
I can't wait to finish projects that I've started for school.
I love the lovey dovey valentines day shabazz.
I hope the Packers win.
I hope I eat my weight in chocolates.
I'm aching to visit my cousins.
I can't wait for normal paychecks.
One month closer to summer.
I hope my heat bill goes down.
I hope the ground hog sees his shadow.
I'm excited to grow new relationships.
I hope to set up that doctors appointment, so i can start running.


Mandi @ make it dear said...

hope you have a super birthday rachael! being 25 is awesome, be excited :)

rachael said...

thanks mandi!!!