twentyfive eat your heart out

First off, Natalie and I made these cupcakes, we were both very proud.

I had a great 9 days of celebrating my 25th birthday, thank you to everyone who contributed, all my friends who keep me in check and all my family for being so awesome.

I am going to give a very "short" version of the 9 day extravaganza.

I kicked my birthday week off with Chrissy on her birthday, February 3rd, at Rogue Brewery.

During the week I:

I had Ruby Ales and tots with Noelle at McMenamins at the Crystal Ball Room, I knocked stuff off a shelf at an art supply store, and we got asked if we were seeing the Social D show. No, we were not.

Holly picked me up for some birthday shopping at Clakamas, for lunch I ate a cinnabon and milk. I wish there was a Cinnabon next door to me. Dear Jakes, please move out and let Cinnabon take over your lease.

I met up with Martha Lewis at Tugboat Brewery for the best gossip ever. But their power went out and Martha and I wandered over to Clyde Commons, because Martha is classy. We ate cod fritters, brussel sprouts, seafood in a squid ink sauce, fried liver... and something else? Who knows, it was delicious and the Gin was also especially good. Mama Lewis, you crack me up.

I brought rootbeer/orange cream floats to my Theory and Practice class, happy birthday to me guys!

My parents took me to Bridgeport, where my father told the waitress my birth story, she was moved and we got a free round of beers. True story. We also ate some great pasta and my mom and I eyed my friend Chris in the kitchen. So technically a friend made me dinner, I think.

Then off to Rogue for that free birthday beer. Which I dont know if you can tell in the last post, but that beer was bigger than my head. Yes, I did finish it. Yes, I was very loud from that point on.

David had a beer with me, was a doll about carrying my birthday flowers(which were left in his car. oops.) Took me to NW 21st, where I used the bathroom at North 45, only to realize my friends were at the bar next door playing ping pong.

Hello Chrissy, I deleted the photos, I promise. Abigael, I am sorry I didnt call you the next night to go to the strip club, it really was a better idea when I was drunk. Why is it everyone wants to buy you a beer/shot on your birthday? Do they not see you are clearly intoxicated? I could clearly tell I was but did not want to be rude and turn down another beer. This is what being 25, single, and in college is all about... right? I thought so.

I took the day after my birthday off work. Best decision I've ever made me in my life.

Saturday, the 12th, I had my family birthday part at my parents house, with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, third cousins, friends and of course my favorite 4 year old.

Wow. No wonder I am worn out today. Tomorrows Valentines day. Im pretending I have a boyfriend who's going to buy me chocolates, I understand it makes me look crazy. Shut up, dont judge. This last week has reminded me I am surrounded by people who love me very very much. I need not forget that when I mope for 3 seconds about how a certain someone didn't call me on my birthday. It's ok his mother, aunt, cousin and sister in law all wished me a happy birthday. I love/miss you guys so much. His poor next girlfriend, she has a lot to live up to. :)

Phew. Ok, the birthday/week has come and gone. Hello 25 years of age, I hope the grandness continues through out the entire year.

Oh and update, that super awkward date with the 24 year old sexy teacher a couple of weeks ago? He called me and we hung out again, as friends. Kind of. I might of been his first kiss. EVER. it was on the cheek. The poor fella/lucky me. Really though, lucky him too. I'm a catch. hahahahahaha. ok enough already.