Giveaway on StrumpetsCrumpets!

Look at this great give away from Becky over at Strumpets Crumpets! She is also a huge Dexter fan and I love these notepads she designed! You can find more stuff Becky makes over at her awesome etsy!

Things I like today, Frank Chimero

I love this style of designing and these quirky posters. Found on Frank's site here.


Work Out Update March!

Sorry I'm all bent over for the most of this, I was trying to get my face in the picture. Also, stop thinking dirty thoughts, that is not what I meant by enjoying the space in between my thighs. creeps!


Things I like today, sunshine!

Seriously, should I move to California? I really love waking up to my apartment being flooded with bright warm sunshine. Its been rainy and windy here, so this was welcomed with open arms. Also with a dress and heels. Because I would live my life in dresses if the wind would not show everyone my panties. Sadly the sun only lasted a couple hours and the clouds came in.

On a completely different note, I have a question/statement about photobooth on my imac. Why is the default set to flash? This does not look good ever. Nope, not ever. Not even when its dark outside. Without a flash works just fine.

Also note, its not even 7:30 and I am already in my pajamas. I did laundry at my parents house today and baked cookies and napped. I would have liked that nap to have lasted through out the night. Now I have to entertain myself with... reading? Movies? Beer? Food? I dont know, but its definitely an inside hermit kind of a night.


Things I like today, Mindy Gledhill

Her voice is like an angel. I could listen to her sweet songs all day long. In fact I am today. She comes to Portand, well Hillsboro on the 29th at The Venetian Theater and Bistro. I want to go sooo bad. Who wants to take me? Girls night? Please and thank you.


Oh hey, hella big crab

Well... heres a peak into my life during the month of March.

Let me also note the following things:

I am sorry this cuts off so abruptly.

Yes, its loud downtown.

No, you cant see the rain, I apologize again.

Really, dont stalk me.

Yes, my apartment is kind of a mess.

Dont judge.


Things I like today, charts



I am a fatty.

There I said it out loud. Kind of. I've had an inner fat(or more so clinically obese) kid inside me my whole life. I always ate my cookies/dessert first. I rarely exercise. When I say rarely I mean the last time I remember purposely running for more than 10 feet was when I was mad at B for straight up ignoring me so I ran on his parents treadmill barefoot until he noticed that i wasnt there.... frick... last summer? Yes these grudges are still being held. It's helping me. Dont judge.

Back to my fatself. I am not "fat" in the way that its super unhealthy. Not to say my body is healthy at all... I had 2 candy bars after I ate lunch yesterday. I carry my weight well, people always tell me I am crazy to think I'm fat. But these people did not see my boobs, stomach, and thighs jiggle while I was sitting in a massage chair getting a pedicure. I fit into women's size 6 jeans. BUT I'm only 5'4" and I have a small frame... I should be in women's size 4 jeans.

Side Note: Girls juniors sizes are all sorts of messed up to try to make you feel fat. I'd be like a size 9-11 in a juniors skinny jean. Eww. I am going off my lovely straight legged Gap women's jean size.

I had fried food for lunch, after I had a frap for breakfast. I eat junk food all the time. I also decided to cut out sugary cereals. So I bought raisin bran instead of Lucky Charms. Did you know Raisin Bran is actually worse for you? Less vitamins and more calories. wtf. WTF.

So this all being said, I bought an exercise ball(I am going to try to not pop this one) and I worked out last night. I worked up a sweat even. I dont feel it today though, which means I didnt work out hard enough. Right? Thought so. Tomorrow my cousin and I are going for a run, which means I better buy some running shoes tonight. Any excuse to buy shoes is a good excuse. Plus cute running shoes will totally help me want to run.... if i lived in an alternate universe. I live on Earth, this means cute running shoes wont help me want to run at all. But when I'm having an asthma attack and my heads between my knees maybe I'll look down and at least think 'damn, cute shoes girl.' Maybe. Again, probably not.

So here's to weighing something like 140 lbs. And here's to hoping that I can get back down to 130. I know, I've said this before. In fact I am so good at saying it my golden statue award is in the mail. Go team Rachael. No really get your fat ass up and move.


Sweet gestures 'cause I'm a princess

You know, when people give you stuff, it makes you feel special. Like when your friends leave love notes in your school mail box. or when your boyfriend gives you flowers for no reason, or for a really good reason. or when professors give you an A for effort. These things feel good.

oh babe, heres some coffee I brought to you at work. Oh hey, did you want a ride home? Oh let me make you and your best friend lunch and bring it to you at school. Rachael, I know you love chocolate, heres some candy bars. Or that other boy who would write lovenotes and stuff in them in all of my pockets so when I did the laundry my heart would melt. Or that boyfriend who would pick his neighbors flowers and bring them to my house. Or that boyfriend who even for years after we broke up left sweet "anonymous" Christmas presents on my parents doorstep. Or that guy who would sing on command because it made you laugh so hard you almost peed. Anyway... whats this about? Sweet gestures, thats right.

So yesterday my friend came over and pulled a Darth Vader action figure out of his pocket and said "i knew you liked star wars." Yes. Yes, I do. I dont know how awkwardly I expressed my excitement but let me tell you, I was so excited. It was the sweetest unnecessary gesture and totally made my day.

My father would tell you I am a princess, I would wholeheartedly agree.

Things I like today, invitations

(via design work life)

Luci Everett is a graphic designer and illustrator from Australia. She made this super adorable and one of a kind wedding invites and I just love her style of illustrating. SUPER CUTE. You can check out her blog here.


A few more photos

Natalie was super impressed that the you could draw on the table. I was impressed that the waiter really loved us and somehow we got out of the restaurant only paying $26. I need to take Natalie out more often, apparently she cuts bills in half with her good looks and charm.


A Happy Birthday Indeed

Trust me, you didn't want to see the first frame. Also note, we are true gangsta's born and bred.

Yesterday was my cousins Natalies 19th birthday, she came over after I got out of class at five and we went out to dinner. Ok, by she came over I mean my lovely most bestest guy friend was ever so lovely and drove me to Vancouver from Portland to pick her up and take her back to Portland. Thanks again lovely bestest guy friend. You know who you are.

Back to Natalie. I love you. You make me so incredibly happy. I am so sorry our dinner went so late and we couldn't ride the OHSU Tram, but I promise we'll do it soon!

Cheers to being 19, oh how I am envious of your age and beauty.


Dear March

(sunny portland, oregon on my walk to the bus before work)

I can't wait for the weather to get warmer
I miss dresses
I miss a low heating bill
I can't wait for spring break
I hope to finish building my desk
I want to buy new dishes
I'll celebrate with Natalie
I'll enjoy my wallet,
even if theres no money in it
I'll reset up canceled doctor visits
I'll start drinking low fat milk
I'll love every sunny day you give me