A Happy Birthday Indeed

Trust me, you didn't want to see the first frame. Also note, we are true gangsta's born and bred.

Yesterday was my cousins Natalies 19th birthday, she came over after I got out of class at five and we went out to dinner. Ok, by she came over I mean my lovely most bestest guy friend was ever so lovely and drove me to Vancouver from Portland to pick her up and take her back to Portland. Thanks again lovely bestest guy friend. You know who you are.

Back to Natalie. I love you. You make me so incredibly happy. I am so sorry our dinner went so late and we couldn't ride the OHSU Tram, but I promise we'll do it soon!

Cheers to being 19, oh how I am envious of your age and beauty.


Katie said...

You're go gangster that you don't need the second 'g'!

rachael said...

hah, thanks katie! i fixed it!