Sweet gestures 'cause I'm a princess

You know, when people give you stuff, it makes you feel special. Like when your friends leave love notes in your school mail box. or when your boyfriend gives you flowers for no reason, or for a really good reason. or when professors give you an A for effort. These things feel good.

oh babe, heres some coffee I brought to you at work. Oh hey, did you want a ride home? Oh let me make you and your best friend lunch and bring it to you at school. Rachael, I know you love chocolate, heres some candy bars. Or that other boy who would write lovenotes and stuff in them in all of my pockets so when I did the laundry my heart would melt. Or that boyfriend who would pick his neighbors flowers and bring them to my house. Or that boyfriend who even for years after we broke up left sweet "anonymous" Christmas presents on my parents doorstep. Or that guy who would sing on command because it made you laugh so hard you almost peed. Anyway... whats this about? Sweet gestures, thats right.

So yesterday my friend came over and pulled a Darth Vader action figure out of his pocket and said "i knew you liked star wars." Yes. Yes, I do. I dont know how awkwardly I expressed my excitement but let me tell you, I was so excited. It was the sweetest unnecessary gesture and totally made my day.

My father would tell you I am a princess, I would wholeheartedly agree.