Things I like today, sunshine!

Seriously, should I move to California? I really love waking up to my apartment being flooded with bright warm sunshine. Its been rainy and windy here, so this was welcomed with open arms. Also with a dress and heels. Because I would live my life in dresses if the wind would not show everyone my panties. Sadly the sun only lasted a couple hours and the clouds came in.

On a completely different note, I have a question/statement about photobooth on my imac. Why is the default set to flash? This does not look good ever. Nope, not ever. Not even when its dark outside. Without a flash works just fine.

Also note, its not even 7:30 and I am already in my pajamas. I did laundry at my parents house today and baked cookies and napped. I would have liked that nap to have lasted through out the night. Now I have to entertain myself with... reading? Movies? Beer? Food? I dont know, but its definitely an inside hermit kind of a night.


Zach said...

You look really pretty in your pictures. Have a good day : )

Jennifer said...

Girl you are so cute. My photo booth does that too! I'll have to figure out how to take it off.