Work Out Update April!

Soooo lets start this off with the truth. The image above is deceiving.... I do not have a flat stomach. BUT the image above is great motivation to keep working my ass off so I can have a flat...ter stomach. Flatter, I'm not really a sit up girl.. I've learned this.

I got myself a fancy little gym membership... I've been going with my cousin Holly and I'm excited to go on my own now that I have my own pass. I learned that cute shoes really do motivate you to work out. Feeling cute in general helps out. I read that on a Lucy tag. It was more deep than that, but you get it.

You know when you pinch your fat and take a mental note... oh.. you dont do that? I do. All the time. Well I can definitely notice that the pooch below my belly button is getting smaller and in the photo above I'm pointing to the spot where my love handles and gut dont connect anymore. Lets go progress.

I ran a half a mile without stopping. WHAT?!!? You think that's nothing??? I'm asthmatic people, running a half a mile, that's something. That's a big something. I didnt have an asthma attack but I do admit my lungs were feeling heavy. It's going going to get better though.

p.s. I'm totally embarrassed to have a picture of me in a bra on my blog. Be kind.


Girls Night

Friday after work I hung out with my friend Knuckles and his 4 year old. Man, 4 year olds have energy, I am not sure why I thought feeding him sour apple rings was a good idea. Phew, you parents out there, keep up the good work, I'll keep my legs crossed. After a gorgeous day in the park my cousin Holly(pictured right) picked me up and took me out with our friend Rachelle(left) and some hilarious women. I had a blast watching a 62 year old woman rub her lady bits on a pole. Classy? No. Hilarious? Yes.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! It made it to 68 in Portland and I spent the day lounging in the sun, eating chocolate pie and drinking cheap wine. Life was very rich today.


Lets round up these cowboys.

This is a great collections of gorgeous business cards.

Cup of Jo always has a great friday link post.

Honor roll, couldnt have said it better myself.

Link to love brought to you by sometimes sweet.

Things I like today, Lack Luster Co.

I am in love with this. I might have to buy it. What's holding me back form this vintage classroom flash card? I'm not sure on the misspelling of cannot.


Dear Theory and Practice,

I am at a loss. I do not know what to do for our consciousness assignment. I was thinking of collecting unconscious collections from other people. This doesnt really excite me. I was thinking about installing a conscious place in time. I don't have a place to install the work at school.

What I do have is early morning sunshine and I am thankful for that.


Forest Park!

The weather has been better the last couple of days. The high's are still in the 50's but at least the sunshine was present and the rain held out. After screen printing class, cousin Holly drove into Portland and we 'hiked'(its really just a walk on a trail.) It felt so good to get out and be active. After being sick, I didnt do much. I also feel super lucky to have such a gorgeous park right next to my city. Literally. The city ends where the park begins. One day, I would like to marry rich and live in the west hills. Hear that gentlemen. Just kidding, we all know I'd rather live in the suburbs and drive a minivan. I know my goals in life dont sound cool. Don't rub it in.

Life without glasses in neat. Actually, I dont know where my glasses are right now. That normally would make me want to have a panic attack. But It's cool, I can still see! Seriously should find those glasses though. I think they are in the case, thats comforting.

I hope where ever you live it feels like April 19. Portland right now feels a little more like February 19. I really think March would be pushing it. Get outside and enjoy your good weather!

Oh and anyone got any good easy picnic lunch tips?


Things I like today, Mama Bunny

See that dot in the middle of the picture. Thats Mama bunny. Last friday was the first day I spotted her this year! It's mid April and I want to say she had her babies already but she sooo big that I wonder if she's still preggers. I can't wait for the baby bunnies to run around in the field I walk through on my way to work. I love me some baby(and mama) bunnies.

I also wanted to share a conversation I had with my mom at work the other day.

"I saw you updated your etsy."
"what mom? my etsy?"
"oh you know that think you write on... that henley thing."
"ohhh yeah mom, that's called a blog."

Hi Mom. You apparently read this blog. Welcome. You can comment below by clicking on comment and then typing your comment and chose to leave it anonymously.


Oh hey, Im alive

Oh hi, hey, how are ya? I'm ok. I'm alive. The past couple of weeks were a doozey. A lot of paper writing, a lot of being sinus infection-y, a lot of I'm too tired to do anything besides work/school/eat when i remember. So here's a quick and dirty catch up through some low quality pictures.

I burnt the crap out of my neck with my new Chi hair straightener.
Love the straightener.

I had a very quick thing with a guy who was really cute. By really quick I mean it was long enough for me to like him, him to send a post card to me from out of town, us to go on one very long very fun(in my opinon) date, and then him to never talk to me again. It was less than a week lol Thanks for the post card Jason. Best of luck. Wow, that was a month ago. Where did time go?

On a simular note, I deactivated my online dating profile. I know, you didn't know I had one. But yes, I did. No I do not anymore. But I do have a date sometime next week with a guy who is kind of hilarious.... super cute... and maybe he'll call me again after the date.

I won and received these dexter notepads from Becky and Strumpets Crumpets!!!! I instantly started using them!!! Thank Becky!!!

I bought a shuffle for running! The tire around my waste doesn't connect anymore. I have hip bones again! YAY!

I saw this van.

Holly and I had to take pictures. I left a clever note and my email. Turns out he's 17. Fail.

Note I don't have glasses on? I got contacts. This means I can wear things like headbands, sun glasses and hats. This is more exciting than I can tell you. I've been getting a lot of compliments on my eyes. I didnt know glasses covered them up so much.

Also note that I'm using my parents cell phone to take that picture. I left mine on a bus last friday. Oops. This weekend I am hoping to get my number put onto a new phone.

Other news? I got a scholarship from the printmaking department at school. I bought my favorite mascara. I painted my nails to look like the galaxy. I went dancing at a club with my cousins. I got an A and a B on those papers I was busy writing. phew. It's bedtime ya'll.

I plan to be back now. regularly. like a good blogger.


Dear April

Dear April,

Heaven let your light shine down.

I know, but its the 5th, something needed to be done.


Life Happens

I know, I've been absent. When roll is called my hand is not raised. Life happens sometimes, we all know this. Sometimes life is more important than blogging. Sometimes.

That being said, I promise to be back shortly. But don't hold me to that.

Some ups this week:

My 8 page paper only has to be 3-5 pages.
I've been a coupon queen.
I baked the best chocolate cake recipe ever.
I started taking vitamin D3 on a daily basis.
I started taking birth control on a daily basis.
Not that I need the latter. But we all know how bad I am at taking daily prescriptions. And speaking of this, I got my 25 year physical and everything, minus the vitamin D, came out great! Not that I was worried, but you know. Good news is still good news.
Kayla reminded me that I haven't listened to my Adele cd in a couple of weeks.
That record got me through the break up. Thank you for this song, Adele.
I have fresh flowers. Thanks mom.
Tomorrow I have a dinner date with Chena.

Some downs:

I went running today, forgot my inhaler.
Im aching to go on a weekend trip.
My apartment is a mess.
It's April, I owe you a Dear April Post.
I'm a bit overwhelmed with school.

Notice the ups are out weighing the downs. I'm keeping it this way by ignoring such things as blogging. I hope this post will get you through one more week of absence. Oh and the above photos are from my crappy camera phone. The end of the water front and myself getting ready for my run. I love waking up to sunshine. Thank you Portland, I needed that.