Forest Park!

The weather has been better the last couple of days. The high's are still in the 50's but at least the sunshine was present and the rain held out. After screen printing class, cousin Holly drove into Portland and we 'hiked'(its really just a walk on a trail.) It felt so good to get out and be active. After being sick, I didnt do much. I also feel super lucky to have such a gorgeous park right next to my city. Literally. The city ends where the park begins. One day, I would like to marry rich and live in the west hills. Hear that gentlemen. Just kidding, we all know I'd rather live in the suburbs and drive a minivan. I know my goals in life dont sound cool. Don't rub it in.

Life without glasses in neat. Actually, I dont know where my glasses are right now. That normally would make me want to have a panic attack. But It's cool, I can still see! Seriously should find those glasses though. I think they are in the case, thats comforting.

I hope where ever you live it feels like April 19. Portland right now feels a little more like February 19. I really think March would be pushing it. Get outside and enjoy your good weather!

Oh and anyone got any good easy picnic lunch tips?


Anonymous said...

Tip #1 Call me.
Tip #2 have me make you a delish lunch the night before.
Tip #3 Have me go on an amazing picnic with you.

Kayla said...

Lately here it feels like Spring forgot to take her bipolar meds. But the days that do decide to be sunny are lovely. :)

Congrats on going glasses-less! It is freeing, until your contacts start to dry out.

P.S. I relate, to non-cool life goals. When we drive minivans in the burbs we should form a gang.

rachael said...

lol Cat, I love you.

Kayla, we'll have the coolest gang ever. can we get matching knuckle tattoos?