Life Happens

I know, I've been absent. When roll is called my hand is not raised. Life happens sometimes, we all know this. Sometimes life is more important than blogging. Sometimes.

That being said, I promise to be back shortly. But don't hold me to that.

Some ups this week:

My 8 page paper only has to be 3-5 pages.
I've been a coupon queen.
I baked the best chocolate cake recipe ever.
I started taking vitamin D3 on a daily basis.
I started taking birth control on a daily basis.
Not that I need the latter. But we all know how bad I am at taking daily prescriptions. And speaking of this, I got my 25 year physical and everything, minus the vitamin D, came out great! Not that I was worried, but you know. Good news is still good news.
Kayla reminded me that I haven't listened to my Adele cd in a couple of weeks.
That record got me through the break up. Thank you for this song, Adele.
I have fresh flowers. Thanks mom.
Tomorrow I have a dinner date with Chena.

Some downs:

I went running today, forgot my inhaler.
Im aching to go on a weekend trip.
My apartment is a mess.
It's April, I owe you a Dear April Post.
I'm a bit overwhelmed with school.

Notice the ups are out weighing the downs. I'm keeping it this way by ignoring such things as blogging. I hope this post will get you through one more week of absence. Oh and the above photos are from my crappy camera phone. The end of the water front and myself getting ready for my run. I love waking up to sunshine. Thank you Portland, I needed that.


Kayla said...

Dude, sometimes we just NEED to not blog for a while. No apologies! Just don't stay away forever though cause that would be sad.

Also, that song has been stuck in my head non-stop for days. It's just so good.

Mandi @ make it dear said...

yes life happens, we alllll know it :)
hope you are well lady!!

rachael said...

thanks kayla and mandi!