Oh hey, Im alive

Oh hi, hey, how are ya? I'm ok. I'm alive. The past couple of weeks were a doozey. A lot of paper writing, a lot of being sinus infection-y, a lot of I'm too tired to do anything besides work/school/eat when i remember. So here's a quick and dirty catch up through some low quality pictures.

I burnt the crap out of my neck with my new Chi hair straightener.
Love the straightener.

I had a very quick thing with a guy who was really cute. By really quick I mean it was long enough for me to like him, him to send a post card to me from out of town, us to go on one very long very fun(in my opinon) date, and then him to never talk to me again. It was less than a week lol Thanks for the post card Jason. Best of luck. Wow, that was a month ago. Where did time go?

On a simular note, I deactivated my online dating profile. I know, you didn't know I had one. But yes, I did. No I do not anymore. But I do have a date sometime next week with a guy who is kind of hilarious.... super cute... and maybe he'll call me again after the date.

I won and received these dexter notepads from Becky and Strumpets Crumpets!!!! I instantly started using them!!! Thank Becky!!!

I bought a shuffle for running! The tire around my waste doesn't connect anymore. I have hip bones again! YAY!

I saw this van.

Holly and I had to take pictures. I left a clever note and my email. Turns out he's 17. Fail.

Note I don't have glasses on? I got contacts. This means I can wear things like headbands, sun glasses and hats. This is more exciting than I can tell you. I've been getting a lot of compliments on my eyes. I didnt know glasses covered them up so much.

Also note that I'm using my parents cell phone to take that picture. I left mine on a bus last friday. Oops. This weekend I am hoping to get my number put onto a new phone.

Other news? I got a scholarship from the printmaking department at school. I bought my favorite mascara. I painted my nails to look like the galaxy. I went dancing at a club with my cousins. I got an A and a B on those papers I was busy writing. phew. It's bedtime ya'll.

I plan to be back now. regularly. like a good blogger.


Kayla said...

Glad to see you back! Sounds like your time has been adventuresome. Sorry about the douchey dude to never call you back, but maybe it's a blessing? He could've turned out to be someone you wish would stop talking to you, lol.

rachael said...

Yeah, total blessing Kayla. His loss. I'm learning patience in dating lol

Katie said...

Rachael! I was so happy to see that you have a new post! I was about to leave a comment saying that I miss you :)

Mandi @ make it dear said...

haaha that van is awesome! 17 eh? too bad.