Things I like today, Mama Bunny

See that dot in the middle of the picture. Thats Mama bunny. Last friday was the first day I spotted her this year! It's mid April and I want to say she had her babies already but she sooo big that I wonder if she's still preggers. I can't wait for the baby bunnies to run around in the field I walk through on my way to work. I love me some baby(and mama) bunnies.

I also wanted to share a conversation I had with my mom at work the other day.

"I saw you updated your etsy."
"what mom? my etsy?"
"oh you know that think you write on... that henley thing."
"ohhh yeah mom, that's called a blog."

Hi Mom. You apparently read this blog. Welcome. You can comment below by clicking on comment and then typing your comment and chose to leave it anonymously.


prajaline said...

Ha! I love that you said hi to your mom! My mom doesn't even know how to open the internet browser let alone go to a web page!

Anonymous said...

Lov ya Rach, mom

rachael said...

AHHH mom you figured it out!!! how cute!!1