Work Out Update April!

Soooo lets start this off with the truth. The image above is deceiving.... I do not have a flat stomach. BUT the image above is great motivation to keep working my ass off so I can have a flat...ter stomach. Flatter, I'm not really a sit up girl.. I've learned this.

I got myself a fancy little gym membership... I've been going with my cousin Holly and I'm excited to go on my own now that I have my own pass. I learned that cute shoes really do motivate you to work out. Feeling cute in general helps out. I read that on a Lucy tag. It was more deep than that, but you get it.

You know when you pinch your fat and take a mental note... oh.. you dont do that? I do. All the time. Well I can definitely notice that the pooch below my belly button is getting smaller and in the photo above I'm pointing to the spot where my love handles and gut dont connect anymore. Lets go progress.

I ran a half a mile without stopping. WHAT?!!? You think that's nothing??? I'm asthmatic people, running a half a mile, that's something. That's a big something. I didnt have an asthma attack but I do admit my lungs were feeling heavy. It's going going to get better though.

p.s. I'm totally embarrassed to have a picture of me in a bra on my blog. Be kind.


David Zoerb said...

Hey, if you need any workout tips or new exercises for abs or anything, lemme know! Good job on the run, keep it up and keep improving! =]

rachael said...

Thanks David!!! I do need advice for abs, or maybe just how to do a proper sit up!

Mary Kate said...

You look great girl! I don't know what you are talking about. Very brave. Good girl I am proud of my assistant. Xoxox the Boss

Katie said...

You go girl!! Keep up the hella good work!!!