Story Time, part I

Sometimes my life is a lot like the movies. Here is a little story about that.

If you've been following this blog a while, you might remember this post about the same guy.

So quick back history: I fell in love at 18 with a guy who lived 2600 miles away from me. He came to visit during my senior year spring break. This story takes place the last day he was here.

So my friend Tawny was lovely and drove Eric and I to the airport to say our goodbyes. We got there early, you know, so we could just cry for hours over how much we're going to miss each other and how badly we wished we lived in the same city. Ok maybe it wasnt because we wanted to cry but because you know, airports suck and something always goes wrong. Tawny let us do our thing and didnt bother us for the most part, which is why she really isnt in the rest of the story.

Eric and I shared a Wendy's Frosty, which later became routine for our airport visits. We found a corner of the airport where not a lot of people were and we hugged and kissed and got all mushy crying over the whole ordeal. We made jokes and tried to hold back tears. Then it came time for him to go through security, we held off as long as we could. I couldnt go through the line with him, I didnt have a ticket, so we said goodbyes, we continued to hug and kiss and make a scene. The line zig zagged back and forth so I chose a side and met him there every other turn. As if we werent huggy and kissy enough, we did a little more of that. But he had to go through the metal detector and couldnt come back.

So he waved goodbye and turned the corner out of my sight. I turned around just in time for him to run back to the glass and hear him yell "I LOVE YOU" loud enough for everyone to look at him than back at me. Tears. I burst into tears and so did all of the women around me. The women who had watched us the entire time we were there. Old women, young women, the world at that time was revolved around me. The whole world stopped, the loud airport silenced and everyone looked with watery eyes as I walked away from the man I loved. They had no idea it would be over 6 months before I saw him again.

And now, now its been like 6 years. And that link to the post earlier can tell you why.

I wouldn't give any of that mess of a relationship up for that moment. One that I'll cherish forever.

Did you like this post? Should I make a habit of story time?


Things I like today, mint green

Here's another lovely mint green kitchen. I want it.


Things I make, Crafts!

My aunts birthday is coming up in late June and her daughters are throwing her a Portland Trail Blazers themed camping party. They asked me if I could provide any decorations. Challenged Accepted. I'm going to try to make some black/red/white/silver decorations that will be campground friendly.

For my first project, I'm going to try to make a paper circle garland out of black and silver paper and red thread. We'll see how this turns out.

I punched out over 150 one inch circles in less than ten minutes. Whoa, I didnt know it would go that fast.
I got this image via Google. I am too tired to look up the source, forgive me.

I've still got to sew it all together, but thats gonna have to wait for another night. Right now, I need to pick up all my dirty clothes of the floor and pretend I dont live in a trash pile.

Do you have any suggestions for decorations?



A Single Summer

I've been focusing on me. I got contacts. I got a gym membership. I got good grades and I got happy. Happy? Happiness? That happens when you focus on yourself? It took me 25 years to listen to everyone around me who always told me I needed to do that. Thank you everyone for the relentless nonstop you need to focus on you talks. It worked.

So hello summer, my first single summer in god knows how long (8 years?) I look forward to everything you have to offer without the drama and the uglies. A summer for ME. THIS LADY.


I'm no State School Hussy

But I know a couple girls who needs these cups.


Source: etsy.com via Marty on Pinterest

Things I like today, chalkboard fridge

Too bad I rent. My fridge is ugly and needs a face lift.

Things I make, dinner!

I started my first day of full time work at my job. One coworker said "kick ass" another said "poor girl" bwahahaha. Being able to work full time during summer is means I can pay my rent and eat while I'm in school next year. I've done this the last two summers, it really makes going to college easier.

I thought I would celebrate not having homework and use that time to cook a decent meal! I had some tomatoes, pesto and pasta in my kitchen already and ran to the market on the commute home from work for some scallops and asparagus. YUMMY. I roasted the tomatoes and asparagus in the oven with some olive oil and garlic. Panfried the scallops and boiled the pasta. You needed that run down, right? Because you don't know how to cook at all. Right? Sorry. I didn't mean to treat you like an idiot, you're on this blog, you're fabulous.

While at the market I picked up some frozen berries(which were on sale!) for breakfast smoothies. But I found a lonesome can of ginger ale in my fridge and made a blueberry lime fizzer. Simply put a small handful of frozen blueberries in the blender with half a lime(no peel), and a splash of the soda to move things around. Blend until its liquid. I didn't want chunks. I poured it in a mason jar and emptied the rest of the can over it. A couple more frozen blueberries to top it off. I didn't have any, but I can imagine this would be delicious with Gin. Right mom? Thats an inside joke, mom hates blueberries but loves Gin.

Let's just say, I'd marry me for my cooking. It was delicious.


day fifty-two.

day fifty-two. by Cat Dossett
day fifty-two., a photo by Cat Dossett on Flickr.

I recommend you check out my friend Cat's flickr page, she's doing a 365 day photo adventure. Your highness, Princess Rachael, was in todays. Click on the photo and it'll take you to her stream.

Work Out Update May!

Phew. Really, Phew. I just got back from the gym. Yeah, thats right, its not even 11am. All these people say how great the gym is in the morning and how much of a relaxed crowd it is, people want in, they want to work out and they want to leave. They were right. I didnt shower or do my hair(but lets be realistic, i through some bare mineral on) and I walked by chunky butt down there.

Lets be honest, I wasnt at the gym when they open at 5am. I went at like 9-something.

But I felt good about it. So go me.

Anyone have any good work out music they could recommend?


Art school girls are cute.

Seriously, look at us. Don't mind my weird second chin in that last one, I was mid laugh. I am going to miss these girls so much. Chrissy, in the top photo, leaves Portland for semi-ever at the end of the month. She's transferring schools/moving back to her hometown of Chicago. Abigail, in the second two, is already back in her home state of Montana.

You girls will be missed. My Portland summer will be a little less cute without you.



I had dinner with my favorite group of sophomores... scratch that... now Juniors??? When the hell did that happen!??! When I transferred to my current school I had to take a freshman class, where I met some lovely ladies, who introduced me to other lovely ladies. By ladies I mean babies, because they are all 20 and under. Im 25. I feel like a mom when I'm around them.

Rachel hosted dinner at her apartment last night and us girls, and David (why did we not take pictures of David?) had one last hurrah before half of us go away for summer. It was good to get us all together and laugh, a lot.

I'm a senior... IN COLLEGE. What? I just graduated high school. Ok, you're right that was like 7 years ago. Damn. Let's be honest, I'm an old(ish) senior anyway. haha. I took my time and smelled the roses in community college. It was lovely, I dont regret it. Best part =no student loans from that era if my education.

Ok, I know, I still havent took a picture of my clean apartment I left my camera plugged in and on. Oops, gotta find the charger!


Excuse the mess

Edit: at 12:36 I have accomplished a half way decent new blog look. No real cleaning though.

That header is def not wide enough lol oops. also, what is this blog about? I feel like the header should reflect that, right? It's like my first impression. It's currently misleading, this is not a sewing blog. I was bored of the blog look because forever ago I tried to make it pretty and I felt I failed. Maybe I'll add this to my things to do in the next 3 days.

This photo was taken at 10:28am.

Yeah, mom, I told you I needed to clean my apartment. This is what happens when you do finals for two weeks and you need all of you art supplies (and the rest of your apartment) out to finish the tasks. It's dooms day and this will be all clean in the next couple of hours. I'll post an after picture to prove it.

So Finals ended last thursday, and... Yeah, what is my excuse for not cleaning? Oh, I've been partying. Oh yeah, about that... actually nothing. Lets leave it to that. My mom reads this blog. Just kidding, I called mom so she could laugh with me at my shenanigans, 'cause she was way cooler than I am at my age. She's probably still cooler than me.

Back to finals and spring cleaning. Oh those lists? Both tripled.

Heres the new spring cleaning list:


  • Clean apartment (this includes picking everything off the ground, doing all of the dishes, distributing laundry, making the bed, cleaning off computer desk, etc.
  • Clean carpets. (mom, can I borrow your carpet cleaner?)
  • Take double sided sticky tape off bathroom molding.
  • Build procrastination desk.
  • Move bed by window?
  • Look into buying new mattress
  • Get a friend with a truck?
  • return storables unused items
  • use VS coupons and get that new bra and free panties
  • rearrange wall hangings
  • Get a trim.
  • Buy new plates.
  • Buy drawer organizers for top dresser drawer.
  • Buy new laundry hamper to replace broken one.
  • Make a delicious salad for Rachel's party tonight
  • Get rid of unwanted clothing.
  • Buy new pillows.
  • Kick ass and take names.
I would like to like my apartment again. It's not that I dont like it, I just am..... bored with it? I dont think it's been very cute for a while. I hope to whip it into shape soon!

I'll be back later with that after picture... come hell or high water.


Things I like today, marriage

This made me very happy. I totally agree. Found via cupofjo.

My ABC's

My mom and I at my uncle Doug's 60th on Saturday. I look cross eyed but moms so cute in my hat!

I got this from Becky over at Strumpet's Crumpets who got it from Olivia at Secretly Loves Pink.

A. Age: 25

B. Bed size: twin
C. Chore that you hate: laundry
D. Dogs: i like them a lot
E. Essential start to your day: a shower
F. Favorite color: purple
G. Gold or Silver: Gold
H. Height: 5'3.5"
I. Instruments you play: None
J. Job title: Graphics Clerk
K. Kids: i like them a lot
L. Live: Portland, OR
M. Mother's name: Wendy N. Nicknames: Bunny, Chache, RaeRae, Little Gregg, Gregg
O. Overnight hospital stays: A couple middle of the night asthma attacks
P. Pet peeve: when boys dont groom
Q. Quote from a movie: "these are not the droids youre looking for"
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: Erik, 26, Jahn, 23, and Zach 25 (brother from another mother)
T. Time you wake up: Weekdays: 5:30am, weekends: 9-12
U. Underwear: is fun to shop for
V. Vegetable you hate: aw tomatoes (margo really did her best to get me past this)
W. What makes you run late: being conceited.
X. X-Rays you've had: lungs, teeth, right arm(wasnt broke)
Y. Yummy food that you make: Chocolate Surprise Cookies, baked penne with spicy sausage and spinach.
Z. Zoo animal: Elephant, specifically the baby one.

Now link me in the comments so I can read yours!


Things I make, screen printing

What kind of a guy teases a girl for having 3 arms? jerk.


Mystery Theatre Weekend

I am not sure where the weekend went, I would like a redo for my finals are not done.

The second mystery, this bruise. I wish you could see how dark purple and yellow it really is. This picture, like most photobooth pictures, doesnt do it justice. On the back of my left knee? really? who does one get a bruise like this and not remember it?


Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

Sometimes when we laugh, I almost pee. I dont think I ever thanked you properly for buying me my own small heart shaped cake on my 7th birthday, it meant a lot. I know, all I did was cry because my stupid older hellion brother took bites out of it and then put his ice cream on it. I was heart broken, I know you understand. Because well, you're just understanding. On most things. Not on nose rings. But on teenage rebellion, I'm sure.

For every weekend in the last year and a half that you picked me up and took me to your house to do laundry or run errands. For all the coffees you left on my desk at work. For all of the phone calls just to check up. I love you mom.

Rachael Lynn

For more proof of how awesome she is, go here.

Things I make, with David Eastwood.

From Earth to Tatooine via Mars and a Horse

Grandma's house, $21/$24 a night.

Watching clouds pass with Billy the Goat.

These are light boxes that my good buddy David, aka Daveycakes, Dave, Eastwood, that guy my dad told me I should marry so I could name first born son Clint. Dad also told me to marry my high school boyfriend Kevin Young, so I could name my first born Neil. In all seriousness, Dad likes both of these guys a lot. Dad, couldn't ya like a guy I want to date??? Just sayin'.

Anyway, back to art making. Dave constructed the boxes, he did it kind of half ass backwards but beautifully. There are lights in the box to illuminate the images. The assignment was based around dreams. I dream vividly. VIVIDLY. I swear I live another life when I'm asleep. So, here are three of my dreams from a very literal standpoint.

I know its hard to tell, but the images are printed off onto transparencies. Each element of the image, i.e. the goat, is on a separate layer. Each layer is physically separated by washers on screw poles, so that they have this lovely dimension. This is something that really did not come across well when photographing them with my point in shoot digital camera.

It's also teacher appreciation week. Can I three cheers for Hayley Barker? She is amazing. You can see her many of gorgeous works here. She's taught my two theory and practice classes, one of which this assignment was for. She is so insightful, so helpful and so caring. She's also the teacher who took us to the Oregon State Mental Hospital. Love her. Thanks Hayley for everything.

Research & Sunshine

Class got out at 11am yesterday. I went straight to the library to do some research, print it off and walk over to one of the cutest little urban parks in my neighborhood. I found the perfect bench with just enough shade/sunshine so I could highlight in comfort. So happy I was able to enjoy the sunshine and be productive.


Best Coupon Ever.

coupon a video by rachaelgregg on Flickr.

Thanks Rembrandt. These videos are a couple weeks old, I forgot to share them. Better late than never?

Also, I dont know why the sound goes off on my videos at the end. Really I should stop using photobooth and start using my digital camera. Maybe next time? Probably not. Uploading my videos via flickr seems to help the sound.

Finals and Spring Cleaning

Dear Time, slow your ass down. Please and thank you.

By next week I must:

Finish an 8 pg paper for Art History
Write 5-7 pg paper for Screen Printing
Finish my Screen Printing Project
Finish my Theory and Practice Project
Read a lot.
Read some more.
Learn from reading.

Does this not sound like a lot? It doesnt look like much. Shit. I can do this. Right? Unless I'm missing something... I'm probably missing something. I'm debating if I should take next Monday off work.... Yeah, I think so. I mean, annual leave is Gods gift to government employees. I said that out loud in class today. I laughed. No one else did.

On the bright side of life, I get a week off between finals and starting full time work for the summer. A week. What will I do with my self? I have a to do list already. Its my post finals to do list. Also known as my spring cleaning list.

Clean carpets. (mom, can I borrow your carpet cleaner?)
Take double sided sticky tape off bathroom molding.
Build procrastination desk.
Move bed by window?
Switch out mattresses?
Get a friend with a truck?
Get a trim.
Buy new plates.
Buy drawer organizers for top dresser drawer.
Get rid of unwanted clothing.
Buy new pillows.
Kick ass and take names.

Whoa people. Don't hold me to the later list.

Anyone have any good spring cleaning tips?


Whats in my Make-up Bag

I see these posts all the time and I always read through them carefully. Like really, I'm a snoop, I want to know whats in your bags. I might open your medicine cabinet too when I casually use your bathroom. Yeah, I know, you didnt even notice. And you wont in the future. I bought a new make up bag today and thought while I was switching them out I'd do a quick run through of whats in my bag. It takes a village people, a make up village.

  1. Almay BlemisHeal foundation. I dont really use this anymore. I should take it out of my bag.
  2. Bareminerals Matte foundation in fair.
  3. Bareminerals mineral veil.
  4. Bare escentuals Prime Time, this was a free gift, dont know if I would actually buy it.
  5. Bare escentuals Eyelid Primer, another free gift.
  6. Bareminerals Flawless application brushes for foundation and blush.
  7. Clinique High lenghts mascara.
  8. Bareminerals Flawless definition mascara.
  9. Bareminerals warmth, also a gift.
  10. Contact container!
  11. Covergirl blush in Cappuccino.
  12. Clinique Instant lift for brows in soft brown.
  13. Almay Clear Complextion concealer in light.
  14. Clinique eyeliner in cocoa shimmer and mink(love.)
  15. Its liquid eyeliner in black. All the writings worn off, who knows what it is.
I didnt realize so much of this was free, and or a package deal. Like all the clinique stuff, I bought the mascara and for $4 more I got the other items. Which I really like them, so I see their scheme. Good job Clinique, you smart smart people.

I'm pretty sure I've had the same make up bag for 3+ years. I've thrown it in the wash but it's just pass its point of being clean. So I picked up this sparkly pink bag at Forever21 for like $4. Phew. I feel better now knowing my make up will be incased in hot pink glittery goodness. Seriously, I look at this everyday. Everyday items should make you happy.

Whats your favorite make up item?

Dear May

I love the amount of sunshine that you've brought into my life in the last 7:46 hours you've been here.
I can't wait for school to finish up, my week long summer vacation and then full time work
I'm excited for open windows and fresh air
I hope portland doesnt stink too bad this summer
I hope to see a lot of friends before they ship out
I'm going to stop eating spoonfulls of frosting for dinner
Bellingham anyone? Yes please.
I'll try to not waste that gym membership.