Art school girls are cute.

Seriously, look at us. Don't mind my weird second chin in that last one, I was mid laugh. I am going to miss these girls so much. Chrissy, in the top photo, leaves Portland for semi-ever at the end of the month. She's transferring schools/moving back to her hometown of Chicago. Abigail, in the second two, is already back in her home state of Montana.

You girls will be missed. My Portland summer will be a little less cute without you.


rachel! said...

portland & art school?! jealous! i almost went down that route... kind of still want to! i am from portland1 yay! and your blog is SUPER cute (and so are you)!

Kayla said...

We are, aren't we! Well, I was, when I was still an art school girl. Shoot.

rachael said...

Aww thanks Rachel! I love meeting other Portland bloggers!!

And Kayla, come attend my art school! It's the craziest liberal things ever. It scares the crap out of me.