I had dinner with my favorite group of sophomores... scratch that... now Juniors??? When the hell did that happen!??! When I transferred to my current school I had to take a freshman class, where I met some lovely ladies, who introduced me to other lovely ladies. By ladies I mean babies, because they are all 20 and under. Im 25. I feel like a mom when I'm around them.

Rachel hosted dinner at her apartment last night and us girls, and David (why did we not take pictures of David?) had one last hurrah before half of us go away for summer. It was good to get us all together and laugh, a lot.

I'm a senior... IN COLLEGE. What? I just graduated high school. Ok, you're right that was like 7 years ago. Damn. Let's be honest, I'm an old(ish) senior anyway. haha. I took my time and smelled the roses in community college. It was lovely, I dont regret it. Best part =no student loans from that era if my education.

Ok, I know, I still havent took a picture of my clean apartment I left my camera plugged in and on. Oops, gotta find the charger!

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Anonymous said...

first, LOVE the new blog look its very you and new! and why didnt we get a picture of david im sad now! I'm glad you feel like a mom around us, we love you haha =] well I for sure love you and love to have you to talk to!