Best Coupon Ever.

coupon a video by rachaelgregg on Flickr.

Thanks Rembrandt. These videos are a couple weeks old, I forgot to share them. Better late than never?

Also, I dont know why the sound goes off on my videos at the end. Really I should stop using photobooth and start using my digital camera. Maybe next time? Probably not. Uploading my videos via flickr seems to help the sound.


Kayla said...

Mmmm, blood cookies. Also, I think you are the lost Deschanel sister.

rachael said...

hah. I have been told that before. I take it as a huge compliment but I dont see it myself lol Maybe I should photoshop myself with dark hair. And take up a singing/acting career and be her understudy.

Wow, that fantasy took off quick.