Excuse the mess

Edit: at 12:36 I have accomplished a half way decent new blog look. No real cleaning though.

That header is def not wide enough lol oops. also, what is this blog about? I feel like the header should reflect that, right? It's like my first impression. It's currently misleading, this is not a sewing blog. I was bored of the blog look because forever ago I tried to make it pretty and I felt I failed. Maybe I'll add this to my things to do in the next 3 days.

This photo was taken at 10:28am.

Yeah, mom, I told you I needed to clean my apartment. This is what happens when you do finals for two weeks and you need all of you art supplies (and the rest of your apartment) out to finish the tasks. It's dooms day and this will be all clean in the next couple of hours. I'll post an after picture to prove it.

So Finals ended last thursday, and... Yeah, what is my excuse for not cleaning? Oh, I've been partying. Oh yeah, about that... actually nothing. Lets leave it to that. My mom reads this blog. Just kidding, I called mom so she could laugh with me at my shenanigans, 'cause she was way cooler than I am at my age. She's probably still cooler than me.

Back to finals and spring cleaning. Oh those lists? Both tripled.

Heres the new spring cleaning list:


  • Clean apartment (this includes picking everything off the ground, doing all of the dishes, distributing laundry, making the bed, cleaning off computer desk, etc.
  • Clean carpets. (mom, can I borrow your carpet cleaner?)
  • Take double sided sticky tape off bathroom molding.
  • Build procrastination desk.
  • Move bed by window?
  • Look into buying new mattress
  • Get a friend with a truck?
  • return storables unused items
  • use VS coupons and get that new bra and free panties
  • rearrange wall hangings
  • Get a trim.
  • Buy new plates.
  • Buy drawer organizers for top dresser drawer.
  • Buy new laundry hamper to replace broken one.
  • Make a delicious salad for Rachel's party tonight
  • Get rid of unwanted clothing.
  • Buy new pillows.
  • Kick ass and take names.
I would like to like my apartment again. It's not that I dont like it, I just am..... bored with it? I dont think it's been very cute for a while. I hope to whip it into shape soon!

I'll be back later with that after picture... come hell or high water.

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Kayla said...

It looks like my house! My excuse is not finals or parties, just pure plain laziness. Only the best. And I like the new blog look you've got going! And SOMEDAY we must probably meet up somewhere and have good times.