Finals and Spring Cleaning

Dear Time, slow your ass down. Please and thank you.

By next week I must:

Finish an 8 pg paper for Art History
Write 5-7 pg paper for Screen Printing
Finish my Screen Printing Project
Finish my Theory and Practice Project
Read a lot.
Read some more.
Learn from reading.

Does this not sound like a lot? It doesnt look like much. Shit. I can do this. Right? Unless I'm missing something... I'm probably missing something. I'm debating if I should take next Monday off work.... Yeah, I think so. I mean, annual leave is Gods gift to government employees. I said that out loud in class today. I laughed. No one else did.

On the bright side of life, I get a week off between finals and starting full time work for the summer. A week. What will I do with my self? I have a to do list already. Its my post finals to do list. Also known as my spring cleaning list.

Clean carpets. (mom, can I borrow your carpet cleaner?)
Take double sided sticky tape off bathroom molding.
Build procrastination desk.
Move bed by window?
Switch out mattresses?
Get a friend with a truck?
Get a trim.
Buy new plates.
Buy drawer organizers for top dresser drawer.
Get rid of unwanted clothing.
Buy new pillows.
Kick ass and take names.

Whoa people. Don't hold me to the later list.

Anyone have any good spring cleaning tips?