Things I make, dinner!

I started my first day of full time work at my job. One coworker said "kick ass" another said "poor girl" bwahahaha. Being able to work full time during summer is means I can pay my rent and eat while I'm in school next year. I've done this the last two summers, it really makes going to college easier.

I thought I would celebrate not having homework and use that time to cook a decent meal! I had some tomatoes, pesto and pasta in my kitchen already and ran to the market on the commute home from work for some scallops and asparagus. YUMMY. I roasted the tomatoes and asparagus in the oven with some olive oil and garlic. Panfried the scallops and boiled the pasta. You needed that run down, right? Because you don't know how to cook at all. Right? Sorry. I didn't mean to treat you like an idiot, you're on this blog, you're fabulous.

While at the market I picked up some frozen berries(which were on sale!) for breakfast smoothies. But I found a lonesome can of ginger ale in my fridge and made a blueberry lime fizzer. Simply put a small handful of frozen blueberries in the blender with half a lime(no peel), and a splash of the soda to move things around. Blend until its liquid. I didn't want chunks. I poured it in a mason jar and emptied the rest of the can over it. A couple more frozen blueberries to top it off. I didn't have any, but I can imagine this would be delicious with Gin. Right mom? Thats an inside joke, mom hates blueberries but loves Gin.

Let's just say, I'd marry me for my cooking. It was delicious.


Kayla said...

I'd consider polygamy for your cooking. That looks and sounds like the best thing I would ever consume.

rachael said...

Bwahahahahaha Kayla, I love you. I dont know if I'd marry you, BUT one day lets be neighbors who trade home cooked meals for babysitting.