Story Time, part I

Sometimes my life is a lot like the movies. Here is a little story about that.

If you've been following this blog a while, you might remember this post about the same guy.

So quick back history: I fell in love at 18 with a guy who lived 2600 miles away from me. He came to visit during my senior year spring break. This story takes place the last day he was here.

So my friend Tawny was lovely and drove Eric and I to the airport to say our goodbyes. We got there early, you know, so we could just cry for hours over how much we're going to miss each other and how badly we wished we lived in the same city. Ok maybe it wasnt because we wanted to cry but because you know, airports suck and something always goes wrong. Tawny let us do our thing and didnt bother us for the most part, which is why she really isnt in the rest of the story.

Eric and I shared a Wendy's Frosty, which later became routine for our airport visits. We found a corner of the airport where not a lot of people were and we hugged and kissed and got all mushy crying over the whole ordeal. We made jokes and tried to hold back tears. Then it came time for him to go through security, we held off as long as we could. I couldnt go through the line with him, I didnt have a ticket, so we said goodbyes, we continued to hug and kiss and make a scene. The line zig zagged back and forth so I chose a side and met him there every other turn. As if we werent huggy and kissy enough, we did a little more of that. But he had to go through the metal detector and couldnt come back.

So he waved goodbye and turned the corner out of my sight. I turned around just in time for him to run back to the glass and hear him yell "I LOVE YOU" loud enough for everyone to look at him than back at me. Tears. I burst into tears and so did all of the women around me. The women who had watched us the entire time we were there. Old women, young women, the world at that time was revolved around me. The whole world stopped, the loud airport silenced and everyone looked with watery eyes as I walked away from the man I loved. They had no idea it would be over 6 months before I saw him again.

And now, now its been like 6 years. And that link to the post earlier can tell you why.

I wouldn't give any of that mess of a relationship up for that moment. One that I'll cherish forever.

Did you like this post? Should I make a habit of story time?


Kayla said...

I...I like story time.

rachael said...

hah, good. I'll keep it up for you!

Anonymous said...

im going to cry, i love story time. i love you.

rachael said...

i love yoooouuuuu cat!