Things I make, Crafts!

My aunts birthday is coming up in late June and her daughters are throwing her a Portland Trail Blazers themed camping party. They asked me if I could provide any decorations. Challenged Accepted. I'm going to try to make some black/red/white/silver decorations that will be campground friendly.

For my first project, I'm going to try to make a paper circle garland out of black and silver paper and red thread. We'll see how this turns out.

I punched out over 150 one inch circles in less than ten minutes. Whoa, I didnt know it would go that fast.
I got this image via Google. I am too tired to look up the source, forgive me.

I've still got to sew it all together, but thats gonna have to wait for another night. Right now, I need to pick up all my dirty clothes of the floor and pretend I dont live in a trash pile.

Do you have any suggestions for decorations?