Things I make, with David Eastwood.

From Earth to Tatooine via Mars and a Horse

Grandma's house, $21/$24 a night.

Watching clouds pass with Billy the Goat.

These are light boxes that my good buddy David, aka Daveycakes, Dave, Eastwood, that guy my dad told me I should marry so I could name first born son Clint. Dad also told me to marry my high school boyfriend Kevin Young, so I could name my first born Neil. In all seriousness, Dad likes both of these guys a lot. Dad, couldn't ya like a guy I want to date??? Just sayin'.

Anyway, back to art making. Dave constructed the boxes, he did it kind of half ass backwards but beautifully. There are lights in the box to illuminate the images. The assignment was based around dreams. I dream vividly. VIVIDLY. I swear I live another life when I'm asleep. So, here are three of my dreams from a very literal standpoint.

I know its hard to tell, but the images are printed off onto transparencies. Each element of the image, i.e. the goat, is on a separate layer. Each layer is physically separated by washers on screw poles, so that they have this lovely dimension. This is something that really did not come across well when photographing them with my point in shoot digital camera.

It's also teacher appreciation week. Can I three cheers for Hayley Barker? She is amazing. You can see her many of gorgeous works here. She's taught my two theory and practice classes, one of which this assignment was for. She is so insightful, so helpful and so caring. She's also the teacher who took us to the Oregon State Mental Hospital. Love her. Thanks Hayley for everything.