Whats in my Make-up Bag

I see these posts all the time and I always read through them carefully. Like really, I'm a snoop, I want to know whats in your bags. I might open your medicine cabinet too when I casually use your bathroom. Yeah, I know, you didnt even notice. And you wont in the future. I bought a new make up bag today and thought while I was switching them out I'd do a quick run through of whats in my bag. It takes a village people, a make up village.

  1. Almay BlemisHeal foundation. I dont really use this anymore. I should take it out of my bag.
  2. Bareminerals Matte foundation in fair.
  3. Bareminerals mineral veil.
  4. Bare escentuals Prime Time, this was a free gift, dont know if I would actually buy it.
  5. Bare escentuals Eyelid Primer, another free gift.
  6. Bareminerals Flawless application brushes for foundation and blush.
  7. Clinique High lenghts mascara.
  8. Bareminerals Flawless definition mascara.
  9. Bareminerals warmth, also a gift.
  10. Contact container!
  11. Covergirl blush in Cappuccino.
  12. Clinique Instant lift for brows in soft brown.
  13. Almay Clear Complextion concealer in light.
  14. Clinique eyeliner in cocoa shimmer and mink(love.)
  15. Its liquid eyeliner in black. All the writings worn off, who knows what it is.
I didnt realize so much of this was free, and or a package deal. Like all the clinique stuff, I bought the mascara and for $4 more I got the other items. Which I really like them, so I see their scheme. Good job Clinique, you smart smart people.

I'm pretty sure I've had the same make up bag for 3+ years. I've thrown it in the wash but it's just pass its point of being clean. So I picked up this sparkly pink bag at Forever21 for like $4. Phew. I feel better now knowing my make up will be incased in hot pink glittery goodness. Seriously, I look at this everyday. Everyday items should make you happy.

Whats your favorite make up item?


Katie said...

I looove benefit's bad gal blue mascara. it doesn't really look that blue when you wear it but it makes my green eyes really pop. I also love my mary kay dark purple liquid eyeliner.

rachael said...

well arent you all colorful Katie! I've never been adventurous with my make up like that. I think it was because of my glasses and I didnt think anyone would notice anyway. I should branch out!

Kayla said...

I like this post. I'm a makeup moron and have a ton of it only because I keep buying new things I think will make me look better only to find that Nope, I don't know how to use them either. On a daily basis I wear only blush, eyeliner, and mascara. Foundation too, but the one I've got makes my already-oily skin extra oily, so I'm in the market for something new. Also, makeup is expensive.

I'm sure you cared to know all that! :)

Kayla said...

P.S. Your eyes ARE beautiful. I'm so glad you decided to go with contacts! (Although your glasses were cute too.)

rachael said...

Aww thanks Kayla! You are so sweet! I am loving the contacts!