Things I like today, Pinkish Blue

Scroll down to the bottom if you are just dying to read the pinkish blue story.

My mothers favorite color is purple, my birthstone is purple, my clumsy ankles are always purple... therefor my favorite color is purple. Donchaknow. But how could I resist when such lovely things come in this color.

Like Beer. Delicious Blackberry Pear Beer.

Pretty nails.

And sun dresses.

I was at the bus stop yesterday after work and a (obviously) drunk man walked up to the stop and stayed there a while staring at the ground. Then he said to me "I like your toe nails, thats a nice shade of pinkish blue." Bwahahahaha I laughed so hard..... in my head. I didnt want to be rude. But yes sir... they call that pinkish blue, purple.

In my day dreams

I'm really classy and I apparently have lots of money because I would love to dress like this every day.


Camping Review

Myself, Cousins Holly & Katie. We were pretty stoked we set this tent up.
Aunt Nancy likes the Blazers.... Just a little bit.
And here is the shirt I made Aunt Nancy! I was pretty damn happy with out it came out and that it fit her!
Yeah, she cried. First tears of the day. Go team Rachael. Such a heart breaker.

And last but not least... I bought some wax mustaches and vampire teeth at a really small grocery/liquor store in a town I've never been in. It just felt right.



I just made the coolest tshirt ever. Its a gift and I dont wanna post a picture until after I give it, god forbid my aunt reads this blog (I dont think she does but gotta be safe!)

But I'll post a picture after this weekend!


My Neighorhood's Cool.

The streets are closed off sometimes for wild crazy gay pride parties or casual filming of a television show or something else equally weird.

oh hey, im a goof

I am sorry I keep changing my blog. Forgive me, I think this is the last of it.

Tomorrows the first day of SUMMER! Portland, Oregon is sunny and warm! WHAT??? Yeah, you read that right, SUNNY AND WARM!


Happy Fathers Day, Papa

Let me tell you a little something about my dad. He volunteers. That really says a lot about his character. He takes time out of his day to help other less fortunate than him. The above shots are him volunteering for Rebuilding America, my dads work donates $20k to a house that needs a lot of fixing up for someone who is unable to do so due to disabilities, etc. I want to say this is my parents second time doing this, but it might be their third.

Dad doesn't just volunteer in legit organizations but in his every day as well. Anything from his service in the US Army to being my little brothers soccer coach. He is always willing to help people out, be a helpful hand. He helps people move, yeah, he's that nice. He's taken in neighborhood kids who were less fortunate, he's always been a father figure to far more than his three children. He's the fun uncle, he's the fun family friend and he adores kids more than anything. If I was competing to win the favorite child award, I'd simply have a baby. And dad would volunteer all his extra time from his normal volunteering to babysit. (I'll wait until I'm married dad.)

I love you dad, I don't know what I would do without you!


How is it Mid June?

You know one of the best parts about dating? Sweet Gestures. Like when a boy shows up to your house to eat dinner and brings you flowers. Pretty flowers. That smell good. Real good. And then they bloom through out the week and continue to be gorgeous. And every day when you get home form work/wake up/lay on the couch you smell them and remember that someone likes you very much and brought you flowers. And the best part is... he didnt f up. These are simply I like you flowers not I'm sorry flowers. Thanks boy.

My parents hosted a graduation party for my older brother's girlfriend's little brother. Did you get that? Erik, the older bro, brought giant oysters from the depths of the sea. No joke that shell was about the size of my hand, look at it in comparison to the paper plate. Also note he had to cut it up to eat it.

My mom and I went to the bakery to buy a cake for the party, we wanted it to say "Congratulations Parker" and we asked the guy at the bakery if anyone was there who could write on the cake and he said "let me wash my hands." Now mom and I looked at each other and just went with it. This is what we got. Well.... I mean... He got the name right. Worse cake writing ever.

My neice Laney has double in sized since you last saw her. Yeah, she's still under 6 lbs, but she's sooo cute.
And not to get too doggy in this post but this is my parents dog Ace. Notice he smiles with his mouth open, gotta show off those pearly whites!

This weekend is fathers day and lets face it, I will never be able to top last years.


No Internet

So I havent really had internet at my house. You see... I politely borrow internet from my neighbors. It's not stealing. It's polite. In over a year and a half of living in my apartment I havent paid for internet. WHO DOES ANYMORE? Well... maybe this lady. One more bill! Yuck. Seriously, yuck.

So in the mean time.... enjoy these flowers. And all those other pinterest posts.

Source: google.com via Kelly on Pinterest


Storm Trooper Love

I'm a nerd. I can't help it.


Things I like today, woooah

This is unrelated to the previous post. But OMG I want.

Some Catch up

Remember this post on May 25? About being single for summer?

Well apparently I am a witch and I jinxed myself. Because shortly after, very shortly after, I met a boy. A man. I'm 25 that would be creepy if I was dating a boy.

It's been 20 days since that post. 17 days since I met this man. Yes, that means I met him while I was sick. Yes, he did bring me soup and ice cream and movies to watch. Yes, he is incredibly sweet. No, you cannot borrow him.

Some how writing this makes it feel official.

So yeah, who wants to place bets as to when my single summer is over and my "i have a hot boyfriend" summer starts?



I am a print maker. I make prints. Not as often as I should. I feel like I should share more prints on this blog. Also, I did not make these, I just thought they were adorbs.

Source: vandm.com via Mary on Pinterest


F-ing Hilarious

I laughed out loud so many times and then I watched all of her videos.

Yes, it is amazing

Sometimes my apartment's floor isnt covered in clothes. Yeah, I know.... It shocks me too.


Source: google.ru via Sarah on Pinterest


Story Time, part II


So I used to sale handmade canvas totes on myspace. It was far before I knew what etsy was.... Wait... I'm not sure etsy existed at that time. Anyway I would embroider mice and owls onto them. Yeah... they were cute.. just sayin'. Well this guy, Pnutt, found me on myspace and emailed me saying he wanted to buy one of my totes for his friends birthday. We talked for a bit online and I met up with him to exchange the money/bag. Except when I met him, he was quirky as fuck. No better way to put it. He was wearing a vintage black and white tiki hawaiian shirt, wide cuffed pants and as much of a pompadour as he could. Umm... Hi, I think you are cute. Ok, I didnt say that. But I might of well had.

Instead I asked him if he wanted to try my ice tea, he did. He told me he liked it, I think he lied. After exchanging awkward moment smiles for a while, we walked around the park across from where we met at. Ummm... yeah, hear that mom? I used to meet boys off the internet at starbucks and then walk around parks with them. UHHHH HELLO. I AM GOING TO RAISE BUBBLE KIDS WHO WILL WEAR A LEASH UNTIL THEY ARE 30. Just sayin.

So we walked and talked for hours. Then, it got kind of dark outside and I had to take the bus back home. He offered to drive me home... I accepted. Lets be honest, its a miracle I am not dead. I get into cars with strangers. WTF. Lesson learned. Kind of. So he drove me a block away from my parents house. Because duh, I didnt tell my parents I got a ride from him. I lied. I walked a block home.

We sat in his car and he played the Violent Femmes for me. I knew blister in the sun, who doesnt? He sang along, he danced, he had me smitten. He was soooo nerdy. He was a Dungeon Master. He had catbus hanging from his rearview mirror. And I loved all of it. After about an hour more of listening to different albums and making cute faces at each other, I had to go. He gave me his Violent Femmes cd... you know so he had a good reason to see me again.

We dated for 9 months. It was a lot of fun. A LOT OF FUN. He was amazing, he treated me like a princess and he raised the bar for men. Thank you Pnutt. For showing me that I am worth crazy long drives in traffic after you worked an 8 hour manual labor shift. Thanks for celebrating every month's anniversary like it was our 50th year. Thanks for introducing me to all your friends because you thought I was the hottest girl alive and you wanted everyone to know I was with you. Thanks for making the beach one of my favorite places. Thanks for the flowers, the jewelry, the endless love you showed for me.

It kind of makes me feel bad...

That I still have your cd.

Oh and youre welcome for having impossible standards and breaking up with you. I am sure you wouldnt have had it any other way... since you met your wife less than a week later.

Hey Mom


S'mores Cookies | The Girl Who Ate Everything

I'm an Addict.

The kind of addict who can't give up s'mores. Or chocolate and marshmallow of any sort. I blame this on my father who buys a stupid amount of peeps, chocolate covered marshmallow santas and any marshmallow treat for any other holiday.

I saw this on pinterest. I now need to google the recipe. Did you read that? NEED TO. Oh addiction, you could be so much worse.


Messy Pants

This is a post purely to show off that I can wear size 4 jeans and I still have room in them. I've been working out for 3 months and its paying off. Also note the apartment is not clean and I never took a picture of it when it was clean.

My weekend

Was filled with a hell of a lot of warm weather, laughs and giddy feelings.


Note I have no photo to go with this post. My relationship with my digital camera is not the same as my relationship with my film cameras. I need to invest in some film soon, I miss real film, loading my camera, picking up photos from the processor and getting excited for capturing moments. I love my pocket camera but its just not the same.


Dear June,

This was taken June 2007. I miss having Polaroid 669 film at my disposal.

Dear June,

I can't wait for shorts and dresses
I want watermelon
I'm excited for the peas to grow
I cant wait for camping in Morton
I'm never going to be able to top last years fathers day present
I'm itching to go into the letterpress studio
I hope to reach some work out goals
I'm excited about a boy.
I probably just jinxed that.

Need a compliment?

Watch the first like 20 seconds or so. Yeah, I'm not so much going to give this guy my $25 but his sense of humor is lovely.


I feel better.

A cute boy brought me soup and ice cream. He then watched Jeopardy with me and didnt care that I was coughing up a set of lungs.

He also didnt mind that I look like this when I eat ice cream. I swear, thats a happy face. A very happy face.

Things I like today, Hayley Barker

One of my favorite Professors, Hayley Barker, is having a show at the
Charles A. Hartman Fine Art Gallery.



Sick vs. Dolled up and sick

May 31st, 2011. Sick+cabin fever+medicine+make up=

June 1st, 2011. Sick+cabin fever-medicine-make up=

Day 7: Death Flu

Oh, what? You dont think I look sick at all? I call this the "lets test all the make up I own and get way too dolled up for some one who hates life right now, is faking a smile, has greasy hair and wont change out of her robe" look.

Yeah, cute. Right? Barf. Actually I havent been barfing nor do I have the flu, its been a horrible throat/head/ears virus thing. I cant shake this cough for the life of me. The doctor said it'd get better. Thanks doc.

I hope you guys spent your 3 day weekend on something other than feeling like crap.