Day 7: Death Flu

Oh, what? You dont think I look sick at all? I call this the "lets test all the make up I own and get way too dolled up for some one who hates life right now, is faking a smile, has greasy hair and wont change out of her robe" look.

Yeah, cute. Right? Barf. Actually I havent been barfing nor do I have the flu, its been a horrible throat/head/ears virus thing. I cant shake this cough for the life of me. The doctor said it'd get better. Thanks doc.

I hope you guys spent your 3 day weekend on something other than feeling like crap.

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Kayla said...

Well, you do look gorgeous for being so sick, anyway. Sorry you're feeling bad; Baskin Robbins Chocolate Fudge ice cream should do the trick, or at least distract you from being sick. Or you can eat peanut butter by the spoon. Just throwin' ideas out there.