How is it Mid June?

You know one of the best parts about dating? Sweet Gestures. Like when a boy shows up to your house to eat dinner and brings you flowers. Pretty flowers. That smell good. Real good. And then they bloom through out the week and continue to be gorgeous. And every day when you get home form work/wake up/lay on the couch you smell them and remember that someone likes you very much and brought you flowers. And the best part is... he didnt f up. These are simply I like you flowers not I'm sorry flowers. Thanks boy.

My parents hosted a graduation party for my older brother's girlfriend's little brother. Did you get that? Erik, the older bro, brought giant oysters from the depths of the sea. No joke that shell was about the size of my hand, look at it in comparison to the paper plate. Also note he had to cut it up to eat it.

My mom and I went to the bakery to buy a cake for the party, we wanted it to say "Congratulations Parker" and we asked the guy at the bakery if anyone was there who could write on the cake and he said "let me wash my hands." Now mom and I looked at each other and just went with it. This is what we got. Well.... I mean... He got the name right. Worse cake writing ever.

My neice Laney has double in sized since you last saw her. Yeah, she's still under 6 lbs, but she's sooo cute.
And not to get too doggy in this post but this is my parents dog Ace. Notice he smiles with his mouth open, gotta show off those pearly whites!

This weekend is fathers day and lets face it, I will never be able to top last years.


Katie said...

I miss me some Rachael

Anonymous said...

AH They have a skipperkee! dont think i spelt that right, but omg i love those dogs.