Things I like today, Pinkish Blue

Scroll down to the bottom if you are just dying to read the pinkish blue story.

My mothers favorite color is purple, my birthstone is purple, my clumsy ankles are always purple... therefor my favorite color is purple. Donchaknow. But how could I resist when such lovely things come in this color.

Like Beer. Delicious Blackberry Pear Beer.

Pretty nails.

And sun dresses.

I was at the bus stop yesterday after work and a (obviously) drunk man walked up to the stop and stayed there a while staring at the ground. Then he said to me "I like your toe nails, thats a nice shade of pinkish blue." Bwahahahaha I laughed so hard..... in my head. I didnt want to be rude. But yes sir... they call that pinkish blue, purple.