mom and grandpa bob

mom and grandpa bob by rachaelgregg
mom and grandpa bob, a photo by rachaelgregg on Flickr.

Does this photo win any prizes for being spectacularly composed? No. Does this photo win trophies for being well lit? No. But it does win my heart. awwwwww. sappy face.

Love the big smile on my moms face while she sit next to her papa.


Yeah, that sums it up nicely.


Invention of the Party Tram

We should marry millionaire and make a Party Tram.

Invention of the Party Tram a video by rachaelgregg on Flickr.

We are geniuses.

Mexican Tram RIde!

My bestest Noelle and I had an enchiladas night scheduled. Upon realizing we both werent hungry we went out for margaritas. Thats like the same thing right? Mexican food... Mexican drink... we were at least in the same ballpark. Assuming mexico has ballparks, I've never been. hah! Our margaritas were small, we downed them quickly and ditched the joint. seeking adventure, us two fair maidens decided to hop the streetcar to the tram. The OHSU Tram was built in 2009 and I hadnt gone on it yet... probably has nothing to do with my huge fear of heights.. right?

Excuse the low quality, I wasnt allowed to have my flash on and it was getting dark out.

Things I like today, Another Green Kitchen

oh and take out the crib, add my bed and PLEASE GIVE ME THIS ROOM. It's just about perfect.


Things I like, Holly Knitlightly

You know the best part of about blogging? Cute girls. Ok... maybe thats not the best part but it is definitely not the worst. Point in case, Holly from Holly Knitlightly. Ummm, look at that smile, shes gorgeous. Not only is her blog adorable, its full of funny things and most of her post headings are weird fun facts. I learn things from her all the time.

Besides being cute and funny she also is very talented and knits these beautiful hats, cowls and blankets. You can find them here in her esty shop. I've been swooning over the raspberry hat, pictured above. It looks perfect for a Portland fall.

She's offering her readers 35% off everything in her store with the coupon code SUMMER11.

This post was not sponsored, I just wanted to share an adorable blog and esty with you!


Life as of Lately

The sun has been shining in Portland. I love waking up to a city sunrise.
Sunday was my dads birthday, and although I didn't get any shots with him, I did catch my brothers throwing the pig skin. I played until I broke a nail. Ouch.
Last week I went to a 80's night at a bar with my cousin and friends. There might have been a 50 year old man dressed the part of Tom Cruise from Risky Business.... by might... I mean there was.
I had a date with a fella... on Tuesday. Then again on Friday. Then I hung out with him all weekend. Because he's kind of awesome like that. and he kind of feeds me and I'm a sucker for a cute boy who cooks.... and who shares shaved ice with me on a hot day.
Oh and while hanging out with this fella. I fell in love....
With Beckett. He made me laugh, he made me comfortable, he had me at hello and we cuddled all day. What a sweet heart that dog is.

I have a busy week ahead of me including craft night, sushi night, last thursday art walk and flix on the bricks. Phew! Hope you all Have a great last week of July!




If I could just up and remodel my apartment (and had the money to do so) I would transform my very shallow murphy bed closet into the above. Instead it looks like this:
veiw from couch
but this color:

I'm not a fan of the orientation/organization of the space or the color. One day.. maybe... It'll look better. For now.... I'm cleaning the apartment to look presentable to normal people... and not just pigs like the one who lives here.

Bad Hair Cut

So on Monday I went to get a haircut.... nothing fancy... just a trim, add some layers, blend bangs in for the grow out. I get to my appointment, at Regis, and its not a fancy place, about $30 and it's in the mall... so I wasnt expecting glamorous movie star hair when I left.... But I was expecting what I asked for.

The guy was super nice, comes from Yakima... where my cousins live. We gossiped a little about small towns and schools. I tried to figure out if he was gay the whole time... no luck. I think he's gay... Gay men know how to cut hair.. right? And arrange flowers? Right? These are both facts... or so I thought.

He asks me if I would mind if he flipped the ends with this hair straightner... Go for it dude.

So I leave the mall happy with a hair cut. Then I get home and shower and see my hair straight. Ummmm... WTF. Why is this chunk not cut at all? Why is that layer all weird and by its self? Why did I get a hair cut a day before I had a date? All good questions.

So I curled my hair Tuesday to cover up the odd ends. It worked. My hair looked good. I call the salon and tell them of my misfortune and that I would like it to get fixed. I was super nice about it and the woman had the manager call me back to reschedule but I could tell they thought I was making a big deal of nothing. I am not. I've lived through bad hair cuts that were my fault because I asked for something bad. This was not my fault.

So... now... I go in today to get it fixed and when I show up a little part of me is going to say "bitch, see? I told you he missed a chunk of hair." But that will be said on the inside. On the outside I'll smile and say "thanks for making time for me today. see, he just missed a little spot and I would like it evened out."

Good Grief.


Silly rain and fortune cookies

So before I read this fortune cookie I had a date planned for Tuesday. I then open fortune and laugh my ass off. "Opportunity awaits you on next Tuesday," why yes it does. Thanks fortune cookie.
On that same-ish note, pf changs has a free lettuce wrap coupon on their facebook! So I ordered lettuce wraps and a kids sweet and sour chicken meal and it cost $4.50 with my warrior card. More food that I can eat in one sitting, possibly two sittings. Deal!
And on a different note, Portland thinks it's April. It rained so hard yesterday the streets downtown were flooded. I just happened to step out of the gym in a down pour. The 15 minute walk home meant I was soaken to the bone and thought for sure my ipod was going to die.

Alas, it did not die. Thank god, I just downloaded Bossypants on audio book.... best workout listening ever. I laughed out loud on the elliptical several times.

Hope the weathers a little sunnier where you are!


Clarkston Trip!

A quick photo recap of our trip to Almost Idaho. Almost Idaho is that place where your mom tells you we'll drive the 5 minutes to the state of Idaho from where the baby shower was just to say I went to Idaho over the weekend and then she doesnt do it. GEEEEZ mom. I love you anyway.

This is what cousins are for, right?
Eastern Washington believes in stripping their hills.

This is windmill heaven.
We stopped along the way for some photo opps. My aunt said she got the waterfall in this photo......?
There was some interesting roadside art.
And of course, the reason we went!

It was a long car ride for strong personalities.... lets just say that lol


like a lost kid at the mall

So whom ever I was politely borrowing my internet from has officially canceled theirs.

Sucks. Big time. I open my broswer and Comcast asks me to sign in and set up my account. Ummm... no thanks Comcast... that costs a lot.....

Anyone know where I can get internet for under $30 a month.... because i dont want to cancelt my gym membership just to get fat and sit on the internet all day. Or does someone want to buy me an iphone? That'd be cool. I'm jealous over iphone users. Mostly because of instagram. I cannot be a part of that world because I'm broke.

Also, you can now find me on Google+, so look a girl up. Or ask me for an invite.

I hope to talk to ya'll soon-ish.

See ya!


Things I like today, Mail

So lets talk about when you date an insurance agent and then you dump him but not before you bought renters insurance from him. Oh wait, theres really nothing else to say about it. Lesson learned. Because days after breaking that poor boys heart..... I got this in the mail....

Welcoming me to the agency. You are welcome agency. Thanks for everything you did too. But the awkard part is when you realize its a hand written note from that guy you were dating and he drew a heart on it and smilies and a cute little note. Uhhh. Oops. lol

Nothing makes you feel like a douche than when you dump a sweetheart. But Nothing makes you feel better than when your friends send you mail!!! Undumped friends!

Thank you Kayla! Did the above explain why I havent shown you pictures or told you adventures about my "new man-person" lol Your letter was so sweet, made my day!

And my work buddy Sam, who is currently out in the field, sent me this adorable card last week.

Finding something other than bills (and credit card offers) in my box is so exciting. More exciting than netflix. Although I am currently watching Big Love, an HBO drama show about a polygamist family, I'm addicted. Lucky for me it started in 2006 and I have a couple seasons to keep me busy this summer. I'm gonna turn into bed and put on the first season finale as soon as I'm done with this!

I also just got back from the Washington/Idaho border today, I'll post some gorgeous pictures of eastern washington soon!


Real Life Up! & I'm busy

Everyday I pass this poor house on the bus ride home from work. I watched the empty lots aside this house slowly grow into a structure surrounding this poor little adorable house. It's a business, so dont worry, no children are losing their yard, but its still kind of horrible to watch it suffocate.

On another note, I've been real busy again. But life's been good! I had a good fourth of July! Which compared to the last 4 years, is amazing. Not having my ex at holidays makes them a lot more fun. Isnt that depressing? Hah. Oh the upsides to breaking up. It's been 7 months, why am I still talking about it? lol

So yeah, heres a run down of what I've been doing:

The guy I was seeing... well.. I'm not. Long story short... the end. Yeah. Something like that.

I had my year review at work this week, I did good. So good I got a bonus. Wahoo!

This next weekend my mom, aunt and cousin are visiting damn near Idaho to go to my other cousins Child's baby shower. Yeah.... My cousin has a child who is having a child. Weird... right? My aunt will be a 54 year old Great Grandmother. Woah.... what is in their water?

I made peach blueberry lime popsicles, cant wait to try them!

and i broke the glass top to my blender. How do I replace that? Any idea?

I hope to be back blogging on a regular basis soon!