Bad Hair Cut

So on Monday I went to get a haircut.... nothing fancy... just a trim, add some layers, blend bangs in for the grow out. I get to my appointment, at Regis, and its not a fancy place, about $30 and it's in the mall... so I wasnt expecting glamorous movie star hair when I left.... But I was expecting what I asked for.

The guy was super nice, comes from Yakima... where my cousins live. We gossiped a little about small towns and schools. I tried to figure out if he was gay the whole time... no luck. I think he's gay... Gay men know how to cut hair.. right? And arrange flowers? Right? These are both facts... or so I thought.

He asks me if I would mind if he flipped the ends with this hair straightner... Go for it dude.

So I leave the mall happy with a hair cut. Then I get home and shower and see my hair straight. Ummmm... WTF. Why is this chunk not cut at all? Why is that layer all weird and by its self? Why did I get a hair cut a day before I had a date? All good questions.

So I curled my hair Tuesday to cover up the odd ends. It worked. My hair looked good. I call the salon and tell them of my misfortune and that I would like it to get fixed. I was super nice about it and the woman had the manager call me back to reschedule but I could tell they thought I was making a big deal of nothing. I am not. I've lived through bad hair cuts that were my fault because I asked for something bad. This was not my fault.

So... now... I go in today to get it fixed and when I show up a little part of me is going to say "bitch, see? I told you he missed a chunk of hair." But that will be said on the inside. On the outside I'll smile and say "thanks for making time for me today. see, he just missed a little spot and I would like it evened out."

Good Grief.


Kayla said...

Oh come on, how are you not posting a picture of the bad cut? We must see!

rachael said...

hahaha, well in the previous post the top photo is of the bad haircut, but he curled the ends so you cant really tell how bad it is.

the photo blow that is a "before" bad hair cut. I'll have to post a good pic soon of the final product.