Things I like, Holly Knitlightly

You know the best part of about blogging? Cute girls. Ok... maybe thats not the best part but it is definitely not the worst. Point in case, Holly from Holly Knitlightly. Ummm, look at that smile, shes gorgeous. Not only is her blog adorable, its full of funny things and most of her post headings are weird fun facts. I learn things from her all the time.

Besides being cute and funny she also is very talented and knits these beautiful hats, cowls and blankets. You can find them here in her esty shop. I've been swooning over the raspberry hat, pictured above. It looks perfect for a Portland fall.

She's offering her readers 35% off everything in her store with the coupon code SUMMER11.

This post was not sponsored, I just wanted to share an adorable blog and esty with you!

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Holly Knitlightly said...

Things I like, YOU! Seriously. You rock and crack me up. & you are making me blush, ha!

How about I take a road trip to Portland and we hang out and become real life bffs?! Sounds good to meeeeeee.