Life as of Lately

The sun has been shining in Portland. I love waking up to a city sunrise.
Sunday was my dads birthday, and although I didn't get any shots with him, I did catch my brothers throwing the pig skin. I played until I broke a nail. Ouch.
Last week I went to a 80's night at a bar with my cousin and friends. There might have been a 50 year old man dressed the part of Tom Cruise from Risky Business.... by might... I mean there was.
I had a date with a fella... on Tuesday. Then again on Friday. Then I hung out with him all weekend. Because he's kind of awesome like that. and he kind of feeds me and I'm a sucker for a cute boy who cooks.... and who shares shaved ice with me on a hot day.
Oh and while hanging out with this fella. I fell in love....
With Beckett. He made me laugh, he made me comfortable, he had me at hello and we cuddled all day. What a sweet heart that dog is.

I have a busy week ahead of me including craft night, sushi night, last thursday art walk and flix on the bricks. Phew! Hope you all Have a great last week of July!


Kayla said...

I would like to hire you as my full time daily hair stylist. Please and thank you.

rachael said...

youre welcome and when do I start?

Holly Knitlightly said...

Oooooh a new fella! :) Exciting!!