Real Life Up! & I'm busy

Everyday I pass this poor house on the bus ride home from work. I watched the empty lots aside this house slowly grow into a structure surrounding this poor little adorable house. It's a business, so dont worry, no children are losing their yard, but its still kind of horrible to watch it suffocate.

On another note, I've been real busy again. But life's been good! I had a good fourth of July! Which compared to the last 4 years, is amazing. Not having my ex at holidays makes them a lot more fun. Isnt that depressing? Hah. Oh the upsides to breaking up. It's been 7 months, why am I still talking about it? lol

So yeah, heres a run down of what I've been doing:

The guy I was seeing... well.. I'm not. Long story short... the end. Yeah. Something like that.

I had my year review at work this week, I did good. So good I got a bonus. Wahoo!

This next weekend my mom, aunt and cousin are visiting damn near Idaho to go to my other cousins Child's baby shower. Yeah.... My cousin has a child who is having a child. Weird... right? My aunt will be a 54 year old Great Grandmother. Woah.... what is in their water?

I made peach blueberry lime popsicles, cant wait to try them!

and i broke the glass top to my blender. How do I replace that? Any idea?

I hope to be back blogging on a regular basis soon!


Anonymous said...

OH dear not the boy! We need to skype soon and chat. and I'm still doing math on on your cousin being a ggrandma. holy damn.

rachael said...

hahaha... my aunt.. not my cousin! lol

lets see, aunts 54, her daughters, 33(?), her son is 16. The 16 year old is having a baby lol


Holly Knitlightly said...

Hey! Aw that house kind of reminds me of the movie Up!

Congrats on the bonus! :)

That is crazy about your aunt being a great-grandma so young, ha!

Peach blueberry lime popsicles? YUM.