Silly rain and fortune cookies

So before I read this fortune cookie I had a date planned for Tuesday. I then open fortune and laugh my ass off. "Opportunity awaits you on next Tuesday," why yes it does. Thanks fortune cookie.
On that same-ish note, pf changs has a free lettuce wrap coupon on their facebook! So I ordered lettuce wraps and a kids sweet and sour chicken meal and it cost $4.50 with my warrior card. More food that I can eat in one sitting, possibly two sittings. Deal!
And on a different note, Portland thinks it's April. It rained so hard yesterday the streets downtown were flooded. I just happened to step out of the gym in a down pour. The 15 minute walk home meant I was soaken to the bone and thought for sure my ipod was going to die.

Alas, it did not die. Thank god, I just downloaded Bossypants on audio book.... best workout listening ever. I laughed out loud on the elliptical several times.

Hope the weathers a little sunnier where you are!