Things I like today, Mail

So lets talk about when you date an insurance agent and then you dump him but not before you bought renters insurance from him. Oh wait, theres really nothing else to say about it. Lesson learned. Because days after breaking that poor boys heart..... I got this in the mail....

Welcoming me to the agency. You are welcome agency. Thanks for everything you did too. But the awkard part is when you realize its a hand written note from that guy you were dating and he drew a heart on it and smilies and a cute little note. Uhhh. Oops. lol

Nothing makes you feel like a douche than when you dump a sweetheart. But Nothing makes you feel better than when your friends send you mail!!! Undumped friends!

Thank you Kayla! Did the above explain why I havent shown you pictures or told you adventures about my "new man-person" lol Your letter was so sweet, made my day!

And my work buddy Sam, who is currently out in the field, sent me this adorable card last week.

Finding something other than bills (and credit card offers) in my box is so exciting. More exciting than netflix. Although I am currently watching Big Love, an HBO drama show about a polygamist family, I'm addicted. Lucky for me it started in 2006 and I have a couple seasons to keep me busy this summer. I'm gonna turn into bed and put on the first season finale as soon as I'm done with this!

I also just got back from the Washington/Idaho border today, I'll post some gorgeous pictures of eastern washington soon!

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Colin Roe said...

wait who do you know in SLC? and do we know eachother? i am not sure how i subscribed to this blog...